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Is this a possible past life?

Hi, I’m an American girl in my late teens and all my life I have felt like I have been somewhere in a past life. Especially in early childhood, I remember having feelings of being poor and then suddenly being surrounded by wealth and comfort, being praised and loved for my appearance, and having a terrible fear for adults that weren’t my parents such as a teacher. I was very extremely afraid of any adult that would correct me or tell me I was doing something wrong. If they did I would cry violently and be very upset. There was not real explanation for all of this then. I thought, “What is wrong with me, why am I afraid of adults when all of the other kids aren’t?” When I was in about the second grade, I remember drawing nazi symbols and not even having a clue of what they were. I am not just remembering this either, I have pictures I drew from when I was a child. I called them “lightening bolts” which was essentially an SS symbol. But the realisation that I had a last life was in my early teens, mostly when I was 14. I developed a strange fear for planes flying over me and would run into the house and cry if I saw one flying over my head. I could elaborate more on this but it would take a long time to explain. I then started to think that I had had a past life, but was not sure what it was. Now I have started having some regressions I think about when I died, mostly in nightmares. Most of the dreams are sexual and I associate them with rape. One of the most prominant nightmares I have is a snake dream. In the dream there is a python that takes on human characteristics and emotions. I’m alone with it in a room and it seems pleased by my appearance and I am crying and show my displeasure for it but it only seems all the more pleased. It ends up with it suffocating me and I can’t get away and then I wake up. I think this could have something to do with the soviet occupation of Germany. I think I may have been kidnapped by soviets and raped and I think that is when I died. I also want to add that when I was a child I had this intense fear of a man coming into my window and getting me without anyone’s knowledge. Is this a possible past life? I still consider myself Christian, I just believe I may have some sort of unfinished business. I used to think I was a reincarnated famous person, but this is definitely not accurate. I think that I may have correctly put the pieces together with this one, but I am not sure.
Yeah. The only thing I could say for sure is the drawing of symbols when I was really young. I had never ever heard of that and I drew two lightening bolts together just like an ss symbol and enscribed a circle around it. It is in a little book we published in school in the second grade. I remember drawing them on everything obssesively and I had to “make sure” I drew one of those symbols every day or I would be very angry at myself. This stuff is for sure. The dreams don’t really bother me and I don’t believe they have anything to do with my life now, the person who suggested that is totally misunderstanding what I say.


  1. While I would not be willing to rule out past lives entirely (having had similar experiences myself), I wouldn’t put too much stock into it unless you can pinpoint some details that you could not have possible known given your circumstances for your entire life (the current one, that is). The human mind is predisposed to find patterns and to hallucinate patterns when none or no recognizable ones exist. Such is the stuff of which dreams are made.
    If the dreams bother you terribly, you should see some sort of counselor about it — a secular one, not a religious one.

  2. You probably just have those fears hunny. And dreams NEVER have anything to do with life. My friend is taking human resources and understanding human beings classes and she even asked about dreams. there is nothing to do with this

  3. No such thing as reincarnation.
    Hebrews 9:27; ‘And inasmuch as it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment…’

  4. I wouldn’t say possibly, I would say probably. I believe your memories are connected to a past life, yes.
    I think most children do come back with past-life memories, mixed in with childhood fantasies. Christian parents are understandably unsettled by this and discourage their children from believing they were ever “big” before, or “drove a car” or “wore a uniform”, etc. But sometimes the memories are much too strong and vibrant to forget – and I think more often than not, memories involving sudden or emotional or brutal deaths in the former life stay with us. If we don’t recognize them for what they are, they come to us in recurring dreams and nightmares. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1209795/Reincarnated-Our-son-World-War-II-pilot-come-life.html is an article on a recent case, but there are many other recorded cases of past-life recollections like yours.
    WW2 was an earthshaking period in history, especially for Europeans, so it’s not surprising that anyone who died during the madness of that era would come back as a child haunted by memories.
    You really should get a few books that could help you come to terms with your past life. A quick check at Amazon and you’ll find several books that can help you remember more, and more accurately or clearly. The main techniques they teach are meditation, self-hypnosis and dream interaction. Because you have such strong dreams, I would recommend a good book on interactive (or lucid) dreaming, such as “Creative Dreaming” by Patricia Garfield. A good book on how to interact with your dreams can teach you how to communicate with your dreaming mind and use your dreams to answer questions and solve mysteries.
    If you don’t have a past-life journal, definitely you should start one. Put everything down in writing, all your feelings, impressions, memories and dreams (even the dreams that don’t seem to connect to a past life event might hold clues). When you start putting together all the pieces, you might even get a clear enough picture to verify your previous existence through public records. That happens more often than most people think.
    If you haven’t looked in at this site, you definitely should: http://www.childpastlives.org It’s for everyone who has past-life memories. There’s a moderated forum there too, if you’d like to become a member and join the community.
    PS Follow what you know to be true and ignore the religious criticism against reincarnation. Reincarnation has always been a part of ancient Judaism – see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mM8dn68vgD8 for example – and it was, naturally, a cornerstone of original Christianity too, as taught by Jesus. In the 4th-6th centuries formal Christianity was modified by Roman emperors such as Constantine into a more pagan (and less Jewish) religion. There’s plenty of historical evidence (unbiased) if you want to do more research there. By the way, I was good friends with a very devout biblical scholar and Methodist minister, who was also a Reincarnationist. Christian Reincarnationists do exist, more than will admit it, because of the public’s inability to understand how reincarnation works within the Jewish/Christian religions.
    And don’t forget Carl Sagan. Carl Sagan – brilliant scientific mind behind the “Cosmos” miniseries and books, part of the science team for the Voyagers spacecraft – and known for his tireless dedication to debunking claims of the paranormal. As a serious scientist, Sagan detested the “baloney” in the so-called supernatural world, and even founded a group specifically to examine and debunk paranormal claims. But after looking into the studies conducted by serious researchers, such as Dr. Ian Stevenson, in the field of reincarnation, Sagan was so impressed that he concluded [emphasis mine] that reincarnation is possible:
    “At the time of writing there are three claims in the ESP field which, in my opinion, deserve serious study: … (3) that young children sometimes report the DETAILS OF A PREVIOUS LIFE, which upon checking turn out to be ACCURATE and which they COULD NOT HAVE KNOWN ABOUT IN ANY WAY OTHER THAN REINCARNATION. I pick these claims … as examples of contentions that MIGHT BE TRUE.” – “Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark” by Carl Sagan (pg 300)

  5. I understand what you’re saying about the ss symbol. I, too, drew the “lightning bolts” compulsively as a child. As I have aged, other memories have come. I don’t know if I wore them, or saw them before death. Contact me., would love to talk.


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