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Is this a Paranormal activity? Could this mean I have a psychic ability?

I’ve always been frightened of darkness. When I turned five, I was happy as can be, but then the next day I learned my grandfather passed away from a heart attack. I cried for so long…but one day. I happened to hear someone saying my name in a soft whisper, I got up from the chair I was sitting in, and went to the voice as it got louder and louder. When I looked in the direction I could see my grandfather’s face. He was smiling and then he dissappeared. My grandmother was psychic but she never thought I could see paranormal activities. When I was eigth I saw animals running around my field, I would chase after them to cuddle with, but one of the animals stood its ground and I was reached for it I fell. It wasn’t real. I never had any “imaginary friends” but my mother thought so. I have always seen a face of a dead person, anywhere. I once saw a dead girl hanging from a tree. My mother said she didnt see her but I did. Could this be a psychic ability?


  1. More likely some sort of disorder or trauma-induced reactions. Could be psychic, though, you never know. Personally, I would get myself a psychological evaluation just to be sure. And maybe a psychiatris one as well, if you think it might help.


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