Is this a migraine blind spot / aura or just random?

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A couple of weeks ago in a lesson at school, I couldn’t concentrate as out of the corner of one of my eyes, my vision was blurred. it looked like when your eyes are watering, but they weren’t. My eyes were really sensitive to the lights so it was hard not to squint. and I did have a really bad headache for a while that day. But by the end of the day , it was gone. Was it a migraine? and was it an aura or blind spot?

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jezabel princess

it sounds just like an aura with the migraine following


It could be an aura. Sometimes an aura is a blurry spot in your direct vision and continues to expand until it leaves your vision. Mine is like a chevron (wavy line) that gets bigger and bigger then disappears. It takes about 15 minutes before it is gone. After the aura, comes the migraine.
If you keep having these see your MD who can prescribe something for it. There are a lot of new meds out there. My daughter takes Imitrex. She can take it shortly after she gets the migraine and it completely gets rid of it.

George S

Your description matches a migraine perfectly, but you did not experience an aura.
Although not recognized by science, migraines are caused by spirits (a ghost), and it is the saints that experience them. Think of the saints and their halos – which represent spirits- and you will know what happened to you.
Your vision was blurred because you were looking through the spirit’s body, at least peripherally.


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