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is this a good speech?

China, Population 1 Billion, 322 thousand. located in eastern asia, surrounded by The korean bay, Yellow sea, Mongolia and Tibet. China is one of 5 communist countries on our planet, Being a communist country in the year of 1951 The chinese troops invaded Tibet. Killing 1 million tibetans and more each day, Thousands starved, tortured and imprissoned.
Tibet is the country of the dalai lama. Also reffered to as his holiness or Tenzin Gyatso.The dalai lama is tibetan’s spiritual and polictical leader. The dalai lama left voluntarily in 1959, fearing of being killed or silenced in some other way. His holiness currently lives in India. Hundreds of tibetans walk (don’t know the number if you do that would help) shocking kilometres to visit his holiness. Trying to escape from the harsh living conditions in tibet. walking through the mountains of the himalaya’s in -20 degrees temperatures. With little food and shelter. But many have failed and have been caught by The chinese troops. Shot dead on sight. With their corpses left to rot in the snow. The temperatures of the walk through the himalaya’s was so brutaly cold, that many develpoed frost bite and died. Once the dalai lama was shifted, many of the tibetan’s went somewhat psychotic without their spiritual leader.
Countless temples have been destroyed by China and only one surviving set of wood blocks of the Tibetan Buddhist canon survives.
The chinese troops tortured any tibetan that opposed to the chinese beliefs. They were tortured with Electric rods shoved in their mouths, Starved, limbs such as fingers, ears and toes cut off, Beaten half to death then left to die in prison. Some say they are being treated like cattle rather than humans. The are treated in such inhumane ways. Any reporter or journalist that was caught filming their horrific tirade, was immediatley shot dead. No chance for survival.
One girl wanted to know how to react to a shooter who takes aim at a classmate. The Dalai Lama said acts of violence should be remembered, and then forgiveness should be extended to the perpetrators. But if someone has a gun and is trying to kill you, he said, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun. Not at the head, where a fatal wound might result. But at some other body part, such as a leg.-2001
tell me anyhting i should edit and yeah, its not fully finished yet.
only half finished


  1. I, personally don’t think it’s that great. Just admit, some of us aren’t meant to be great writers.
    I guess if you’re young, like under 13, then maybe you’re 7th grade teacher wouldn’t judge you so harshly, but seriously when I was 14 I could have done better.

  2. If this is all true, then it is an amazingly awesome speech. Can you back it up with any sort of evidence?
    Perhaps you should add that the Dalai Lama has called for support from the west (What is the West doing?) He could request that his people just obey the Chinese. It is best if it prevents the atrocities, the world knows what sadness the lives of the Tibetans are suffering and our hearts are with them.
    Now- here’s what perhaps you can look at to further the speech:
    The West, understands that not all of the Chinese people agree with the brutality that is taking place in Tibet. It also understands that many Chinese people also feel oppression, suppression. Rulership has been harsh in China for many years and although the West mixes with the Chinese authorities – it does not condone such brutal action as is happening to the Tibetans. The West do expect the violence to stop and the Buddhists of China can no doubt that the law of Karma has been prevalent.
    Many people have been afraid to speak to the Chinese Authorities, yet what is happening cannot be hidden. Bringing nothing but respect for Tibetans. The Earthquakes in China are an obvious Karmic force that the universe has delivered upon the Chinese as a warning that the inhumane violence has to cease once & for all immediately.
    China can be at peace with other nations, and many people love the Chinese people. All soldiers want to do what they are required to do to protect their own country. But China does not need to protect itself from Tibet, simply accept & integrate with the people and the culture. As Universal Energy has become judgement in itself.

  3. The speech is very good.
    One thing I have learned about revolution, liberation and world violence for power is the fact that certain people do certain things that benefit their off springs and generations to come. The coming generations of the victims realise the facts and start retaliating with anger and the spirit of revenge.
    A lot of things went horribly wrong in the world and these things are what created the so-called Superpower nations or is it Super-Terrorist Nations and all these wars and violences were all in the name of power.
    Whatever you want to call them.
    So to tell you my honest truth, you have raised the flag and never allow it to fall again.
    Human injustices, torture, hurting, killings and all these nusty things, the world has a way to justify them now. At times I sit at my corner asking, is God all aware of these things happening?
    It is of high importance that you finish writing this speech. I challenge you to use it as the introduction of the book Countless temples destroyed or maybe something like Cut any part of my body I still believe in the legacy.
    Go do research and you will be astonished how manny copies you will sell. You might not have a commercial combination of words now but the drive is there to let the world know what actually happened.


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