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Is this a form of telepathy?

This has happened numerous times. Sometimes when I think of something and there’s someone around me I get a feeling hard to describe and I get another feeling right after, and the second feeling is a strong one that make me feel certain that I threw what I was thinking into the other persons mind.
I know something weird is going on because the person I threw the thought at sometimes says: I don’t know why but I just thought of (whatever i was thinking at the time.) What scares me is that I don’t know how to control it, and sometimes I throw secrets out. Is this a form of Telepathy? Whether it is or not can I get rid of it or somehow learn to control it? I don’t know if it’s the same thing but also I get a feeling whenever someone close to me goes through a rough time or dies/is dying.


  • I personally believe that telepathy is not weird just a left over from days when people used all of our big brains. I think that God and Adam communicated telepathically. That was why they knew they were separated from God.

    Someday thought waves will be found I am sure, to be measured.

    My son and I send each other messages all the time. My middle daughter finishes my sentences or pulls up something that I am thinking of. Such as, “I wonder how my mother is doing” She said “Have you heard from Grandma yet”?

    My oldest daughter and I do not have any connection that way. She has schizophrenia and her brain is different from ours is my explanation.

    So many times I needed my son to find me so he could change a car tire or such and he came to where I was and said “What do you want, I was playing basketball at the school when you called me”. I only thought for him to come, no phone involved. Even now if I forget to tell him something else to buy at the store, I think it to him and he brings it home. I do not have that with other people, I read their faces and actions. Perhaps you are doing that too. You are like the man on the tv show, “The Mentalist” who reads people. Just don’t make so much of it and you will be fine.

  • Maybe, sounds weird but on several occasions I will think real hard and someone will say “what?” aloud. Like they heard me say something. Usually it’s my mom. It’s happened like 10 times this year. Maybe it’s just coincidence lol.

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