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Is This a Case of a Past Life Regression?

I live in Northern Ireland and i’ve just finished my lower sixth year (year 13) in a new school, when i started and was meeting all my new friends, one girl said to me another girl thinks she knows you….i thought this was impossible cus i knew i knew no-body there…anyways she brought her over and i just blurted out yea i know you….but we dont know where from or anything…we didnt know anything about each other but we are now very best friends….its like da ja voo……..we both think it might be we were friends in a past live or something.
How would we find out what this is??….its really bugging us now


  1. You guys might have been friends it is possible to forget things or maybe you guys just have so much in common or just a deep connection to where it seems like you guys have known each other for a long time it is possible to have deep friendships like that and thoose are really good friends to have because thoose are the ones you will be able to draw close to and the ones youo will be able to connect with them in a higher level than others!!!


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