Home Discussion Forum Is there yoga for making your face oval?

Is there yoga for making your face oval?

I have a round face and I would love to have an oval one. My face is also slightly smaller than it should rightly be. Is there any yoga or any other method by which I can increase the size of my face as well as make it oval? I heard on TV that some celeb who had a round face turned it into an oval one by doing yoga. Is this true? How can I do it too?


  1. Jennifer,
    Don’t be so hard on yourself. Everyone has what they think are flaws, and as we get older, we learn to accept ourselves the way we are. After all, other people who care about us accept us as we are, we deserve to treat ourselves the same. We should never let what we think a stranger thinks change what we do or who we think we should be. After all, everyone has different ideas, and you would never be able to do everything every stranger thinks. And who cares! The people that care about you are all that matter, and they don’t care if your face is oval or round, they probably actually prefer your face the way it IS, because it is uniquely you! Why on earth would you want to look like “everyone else” when you have your own beauty and your own light to shine. Inner beauty shines brightly, and when it does, it doesn’t matter at all what the outer appearance is.
    Love yourself the way you are, and hey, do some yoga to make your whole body feel better and so you can feel great about yourself!
    Good luck and best wishes!


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