Home Discussion Forum is there ways to practice for telepathy?

is there ways to practice for telepathy?

or is there a way to find a practice for it, and i wanna know if it exists


  1. OK-
    Cut a 1′ arrow out of cardboard.
    Bend a paperclip so that it stands up, with the bent part standing up and balance the cardboard arrow on top of it.
    Put a glass on top.
    Stare intently. If you can make the arrow move with just your mind, you are the one.

  2. There’s been experiments done on telepathy between stangers, close friends and twins. And close friends and twins are more likely to supposedly “send telepathic messages” but there’s no proof that telepathy is actually what happened.
    You can’t really “practice” it, in my opinion. It’s like practicing flying.


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