is there way to combine christianity with Lao Tsu (Tao Te Ching)?

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some of the ideas seem to be similar.

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Captain Klepto

You think so? I don’t see anything about law, redemption, sacrifice, etc, in philosophical Taoism, or specifically in Lao tzu. And that’s good–Christianity is mistaken, I believe.
Although some of the Christian quietist movements, and I’m thinking here of hesychasm in particular, may resemble Taoist meditation, at least superficially.
But Christianity is at its heart dualist, whereas the Tao is a very monist idea, yin and yang notwithstanding.


Combine, no. But you’re absolutely right. They are very similar and I enjoy reading the Tao Te Ching because of that. Can’t find my copy though…

Bob Bâ„¢

Why not?
Apparently you can combine it with Wicca and get “Christo-Paganism” or with Judaism and get “Messianic Judaism”…. I’m just waiting for “Messianic LaVeyan Satanism” to come out.

Rev. Michael S. Margolin

Christianity is based on a Dualistic philosophy where Tao is based on a Nihilistic philosophy.
Like oil and water they do not mix but Tao does float on top of Christianity because it has less flaws in it’s philosophy.

Rabid Fish

I read the Tao, and personally i think it makes more sense than christianity does but i dont see how they could be combined.

doktor smudge

Hope they don’t try to rewrite the Tao Te Ching same as they did the other old book.

Beautiful Life

I honestly don’t know ~ and wonder why anyone would want to know as having read various books on Taoism (I claim to be no expert) ~ I remember comparing the two (religionphilosophies) and thinking they make most uncomfortable bed fellows ~ I can’t give you specifics (I could have at the time) but why try mashing such things together in the first place? In this case I really don’t think the whole would be greater than the sum of the parts, if you know what I mean.


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