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Is there Undeniable proof/arguments to prove God is real?

I’m young, and like any 18 year old teenager I had my small share of problems. Around the age of 10 I felt like I was GLOWING, as if God was walking right beside me. I set aside more time for prayer then my parents. This lasted for a few years leading into my being furthur devout and greatly blessed, and being a church officer.
Some of the small problems I’ve had since are a couple lost friends to suicide, getting kicked out and living in my car (for reasons unknown. There’s a language barrier at my house), my father, without my knowledge, told everyone I ran away because of rebellion and all my credibility waned. I was a very likeable guy, popular, but most important a devout Christian. And now I’ve lost best friends, girl of my dreams, kicked out of my passions (football, school for a while), been arrested, everyone thinks I’m a bad guy, residence=car, breakdowns are a semi-daily thing…
I’m starting to lose my faith in God. Is he even there? Up until this point I NEVER questioned his presence and love for me. I just want to be happy, Can God still do that for me, or is that all fake.
Were the past moments of spiritual awakening and Godly presence just in my mind, or am I losing my mind..


  1. There is no definite proof of god, unfortunately. If you wish to continue believing, it will have to come from within… your heart will tell you the answer.
    Personally, I am an atheist, but I don’t see that as reason to despair… we are part of a beautiful world, and a beautiful species, and working together we can go even further. At first I felt awkward and alone, after I had lost my faith… but after a while, I grew to realize that there was so much to celebrate. Life is precious, and I needn’t spend it mourning for what I feel is missing… instead, I spend it pursuing what I feel I can reach.
    I hope you find the right path for yourself.

  2. Sad story. But God can take you from the bottom. Even Jesus was in the bosom of the Earth but God raised Him up.
    He can also resurrect you. But only if you wish is not to be happy but to have Him.
    “Delight yourself in the LORD,
    and he will give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4)
    To answer your question about argument – It is Jesus.

  3. People have been trying to prove God’s existence for thousands of years, but every one of those “proofs” has been successfully refuted – every single one of them!

  4. Turn inwards. Your true self is the true God in you. You need not seek Him outside for God is already in you. It’s just that you are looking for Him outside and totally missing Him.
    Spend 10 minutes of time everyday to look inwards and keep still and silence. You will be amazed the revelation from within you. Meditate now if you have not started. You will see a total change in your life and outlook.

  5. That had been the number one argument for centuries. From day one when Jesus died on the cross. Romans slaughtered thousands of Christians because of their belief. After the Crusades, Wars of Religion (30-year war), Witch trials, etc. The athiests made their presence known. They were given a free country to dedicate the creation of the universe to science. Strange how they give all the wonders and powers of God to a little dot that’s not even a micro of a centimeter long.
    They find every little flaw in the bible and they just keep poking at it. The bible is not all meant in literal terminology, so hat messes up their plan. Than there is the attack on the church.
    I think they lied about the personal life of Jesus, why couldn’t he have been married and still been the son of God? Athiests question his divinity because of such reasons. To this day people argue about God’s existence. Each claiming to either side saying “You can’t prove it!”
    Has there not been enough miracles throughout history to support the plausibility of God?
    Angles sighted at saving lives, exorcisms, ghost sightings. All these prove angels, demons and spirits are real. Thus related to God. I’ve never seen a Hindue priest cast out a demon from a person’s body. That says the name of God and Jesus are something good.
    Have not the various incursions of the Virgin Mary and sight of statues bleeding (And tested as human blood) qualified as a miracle. Just because the Lord is modest and doesn’t pop out saying “Hi, here I am, I’m real, worship me!” doesn’t mean He’s not there.
    In my opinion, we already have undeniable proof, but nobody acknowledges it.
    Things always get hard in a person’s life. It is a testament of our faith. Can so much crap fall onto of us and still we sustain our belief? God hears our prays and sometimes gives us the answer “no”. We don’t know what’s nest for us, only he does.
    With every hardship that comes our way, we must learn to overcome it. Keep your faith for God helps those who help themselves.
    Just because you can’t see him doesn’t mean he’s not there.

  6. all you need is a mustard seed size faith thats very little, even the so say “nonbelievers” have that much , if your even questioning it, shows faith, or you want to believe shows faith, everyone wants there to be a god, …we all have spirtual minds its like encrypted in to our DNA there is alot of things that points to that there is a god alot of people just dont want to aknolage it …………there is alot of miss spellings in this…my bad


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