is there such thing as telepathy?

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if there is can u hack it?

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no need to hack – just get a little more sensitive
can you READ me?


Some people say that there is in fact telepathy but scientists have not yet proved it.


Of course….can you hack it with a machine ? No.


Check this interesting link. they hv video of that.


its a art ot telepathy but very rare u can do it after the grate practice but u can say u can control the mind of people due to it I listen from people
but i don’t know how many is it right


yes, if u love some body too much, then both will feel some emotions at the same time.


there is, there are so many evidence of it. i hope we can hack it. i think everyone has the capacity to read minds, we just do not know how to open that ability yet! they say the may know russians it already!


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