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Is there such thing as sibling telepathy?

My sister and I are six years apart and she thinks that we have twin telepathy. When we are listening to someone talk, we both but in at the same time and say the exact same thing at the same time. It’s like we are thinking the same thing in our minds. Or, we were both eating a bag of chips on the coach and we got up at the same time and closed the our bags at the same time and said “I’m thirsty.” Lastly, we were watching a show on tv and I decided to randomly clap for no reason at all and my sister did the same thing too at the same time. We even clapped the same number of claps and they were both unison. These are just some little examples of things that we see and we were wondering if anyone knew if this was normal. We seem to have the same sense of humor and laugh at the same things and think the same way.
Please respond back to what you think of this!


  1. No, you just know your sibling very, very well.
    Nothing special about that.
    If you knew someone who wasn’t related to you as well as if he was your brother, then you’d probably have the same kind of effect.

  2. When you’re young, it is cute. However, as you age and your separate interests branch out, I believe this behaviour will die out, to a large degree. If it doesn’t it will be very annoying to your other friends. It’s almost a symbiotic relationship you have at this stage, however, expand your horizons and each of you would be wise to develop other friendships.

  3. I just think you guys are really close and similar in some ways – I do the same with my sister, occasionally, we think alike! that’s all

  4. I don’t believe in telepathy, just psychology. Psychology is a real thing not telepathy because people can not read other people`s mind. It may sound like telepathy but I think there may be a physiological explanation for that but then again phsycology doesn’t always have an answer….


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