Is there such thing as collective consciousness?

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like, if everyone’s life sucks in your state/country — will you feel that way as well?

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Absolutely, but it extends much further on a global basis.
Once we have knowledge of something it creates a ripple action and the more people it touches the greater the impact.
It is a part of the super-conscious instilled within that unites us as a species regardless of who we are or where we are.
Although humans appear to act predominantly from a selfish stance, we have an innate understanding that what affects one can impact on the whole. Therefore, we identify with each other, feel things as a whole not as an individual and seek to improve life as a unit when things go wrong.

john s

depends on waether or not ur life sucks too (i guess)


no man is an island


T^here is a shared water cycle, carbon cycle, oxygen cycles, and energy dissipation. What’s so different about consciousness.


to a degree. yes i believe there is one.


Not if mine is the best!!
I am my own person so other peoples thoughts and conditions don’t change me.


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