Is there such an energy called 'CHI' that runs though our bodies?







  1. The basis of a lot of spiritual philosophy can be translated in a scientific manner in a lot of cases.
    With respect to chi, it can be related to concentrating on your feelings, anxieties and strength in your body. So it is a mental thing to recognize those characteristics. and when you get deep into meditation you can feel it running through your body as an energy promoting actions in life.

  2. No that is crap that new age medicine people and eastern medicine believe in but it has been debunked by the scientific community. Only dirty hippies and asians believe in that crap.

  3. It doesn’t matter. If you can tap into it or think you can, it is beneficial to you. you can call it “chi” or call it “snurf”; it makes no difference.

  4. Depends. You do not need a lot of eastern philosophy to begin to under some basic concepts of it.
    First, and usually easiest way to demonstrate it is with two people. They stand an arm’s length apart. Person places their hand flat on person 2’s chest. Person one then focuses their concentration on the back of their hand that is resting on the other person’s chest. At the same time, person one tries to push person 2 backward while focusing on the back of their hand.
    Next, those two people stand at their starting points again. Same set up with hand resting on the chest of person 2. Only difference this time is person 1 is focusing their concentration on the wall directly behind person 2, as if they are thinking “through” person 2 to that point on the wall. The results will be a bit different this time. Person 2 should be easier for person 1 to have moved with this second example. It is one of the basic lessons a student must learn to be able to develop to excell in the sport.
    Many a hand get broken because someone forgets or does not know how to focus their CHI through a board in a demonstration. You can see Bruce Lee doing it here: There are many other examples here:
    One thing that might intrigue you to know- especially if you see a chiropracter with regularity- those pressure relief points, those spots they press before they make an adjustment- those correspond to actual points used in Chinese medicine, accupuncture or accupressure, which are practices that address imbalances in one “Chi” energy.
    You must decide for yourself if it exists.

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