Home Discussion Forum is there such a thing as positive and negative energy?

is there such a thing as positive and negative energy?

its common to hear things like “positivity helps u achieve ur goals” or some people bring negative energy into your life.Is there really any evidence not even concrete evidence that supports this?? sometimes its like people throw us their energy..anyone know anything more to this?


  1. Not like that but a positive attitude can do that, its positive and negative attitudes. But positive and negative energy exists in electricity.

  2. Yes, I believe there is both positive and negative energy. But there is no concrete evidence for it.
    Well, I remember there was a girl in my high school. We took AP class together. But I wasnt really talking to her much that time. But something unusual happened once. First time I see her in my college when I was about to go on a date with my ex. I did a bit of talking to her and then when I went to the date, things turned out to be a disaster. Me and my ex ended up arguing. Then after some years me and the girl ended up in business administration in the same university. So I saw her a lot in business building. And the funny thing was that everytime I finished talking to her something really bad happened to me. At one point, we ended up in the same class, in the same group to work on a marketing project. This time nothing went good for me. I suddenly found myself in the depression. Moreover, once after walking with her to parking lot I ended up with a car accident.
    I finally got a chance to know her through chatting online. But once we had a chat on aim. Turned out she was extremely negative about everything. So after that class ended I ended my friendship with her.
    Well, there are negative people. What happens is that they carry negative vibes. When we hang out with them we tend to suck them in. So bad things happen to us.

  3. angelfly is right. I cant stand to be around negative people. Dont get me wrong im negative some times but only if if feel things that are negative i will speak it out otherwise im an extremely positive person.
    If there is a negative person with me in a room or if its family & they get negative i will tell them to stay positive. It brings me down. I hate that. I like to be positive as much as i can.
    mine didnt post please answer thanks


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