Is there such a thing as negative energy?

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Does negative energy exist? I’m not talking about positive and negative charge, but more that the energy we have is positive, is there anything to totally negate it by being it’s total opposite?

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not in a real sense energy can only be changed from one type to another not canceled or negated
simple example – throw a rock at a brick wall – the kinetic energy is changed into thermal energy ( and other types )upon impact – the impact does not negate the energy it changes or transfers it
a comment on ‘dark energy’ this is VERY theoretical and only another form of energy ( one that works in opposition to gravity – maybe )
back again ( lol ) anti-matter reacts with normal matter and causes a large ENERGY RELEASE – anti-matter not anti-energy ( like fire reacts with gasoline – boom ! )


We are currently trying to research something we call dark energy that may be what you are talking about.
hope it helps

William S

In theory, yes. Some advanced theoretical stuff NASA is working on calls for large amounts of negative energy.

Some Dude

Only if you reverse the polarity of the neutron flow…


Dark is simply the absence of light. False is the absence of truth. Negative energy…. no… it is simply the absence of the positive.


Well there is anti-matter (no its not just a StarTrek concept) thats been produced in very very small quanties.. and there is also Dark energy and dark matter.. they dont quite know what it is yet but theory has approx 2/3’ds of the universe being made up of it.. That might qualify as well…


Yes .
It is really existing cases with people.
The most popular is when young woman or man sleeping in same bed and living with very older lovers normally for the money they become for very short time then normal older with bad skin and everything else .
But exist different examples :when you tell to some one maybe friend for your plans for future ,then normally it never happening .

Dr. R

Yes, but first you have to realized that energy is a property, not a substance that can or cannot “exist”, like objects do. So, your first follow up question should then be “Are there objects with negative energy?”. This is not a quibble. The distinction is important because many people who watch too much sci fi actually do think of energy some sort of substance (Captain, the Organians appear to be made of pure energy). The zero point of energy is actually just a matter of convention. By convention, the gravitational potential energy of two massive objects is considered to approach zero as the distance between them increases. Gravitational potential energy then becomes *negative* as they fall towards each other at every increasing *positive* kinetic energy. Total energy is conserved in this way. If the object is stopped by some other force along the way, then its total energy equals its (negative) gravitational potential energy.


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