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Is there such a thing as astral projection, and is it tied to sleep paralysis?

I have no interest in astral projection. In fact I wish to avoid it. I was afraid I might do it on accident while trying to calm my fears during an episode of sleep paralysis. I have terrifying nightmares a couple times a month and just yesterday found out it was likely sleep paralysis. I was looking for ways to deal with it when I stumbled across the link between it and astral projection. I just want to know how to deal with the terror without leaving my body….or whatever…lol


  1. Sleep paralysis? I have no idea what that is.
    There has never been any conclusive proof that astral projection actually exists as some sort of actual out of body experience.
    EDIT: Ah, okay. Sleep paralysis sounds like a similar phenomenon, but not all the people who report astral projection experiences can be said to suffer from sleep paralysis. Scientists do theorize that sleep paralysis may have something to do with out of body experiences.

  2. simply a mental phenomena it has been demonstrated that it can be triggered by applying a small electric pulse to a part of the brain Do yourself a favour and google research into out of body experience

  3. It is tie to sleep paralysis in that it IS sleep paralysis and people only interpret it as astral projection.
    If you can do it when you want you can simply enter sleep paralysis when you want, our subconscious and unconscious mind are fascinating and powerfull things we know little about.

  4. There’s no scientific evidence to support the legitimacy astral projection.
    The most likely explanation is dreaming outside your normal REM cycle. These dreams may seem more real and are often associated with night terrors. The whole sleep paralysis thing is often associated with alien abduction fantasies. Sleep paralysis is a mechanism employed by your brain to prevent you from acting out your dreams and potentially harming yourself.


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