Home Discussion Forum Is there scientific evidence of telekinesis or other forms of psychic power?

Is there scientific evidence of telekinesis or other forms of psychic power?

I was watching a magician making something levitate and I know it was an illusion but it made me wonder if people actually can make thing move without any sort of real physical contact.

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  1. No. James Randi has been offering a prize of $1 million for several years now to anybody who can prove any paranormal phenomenon under scientific conditions. It has not been claimed.

  2. There are studies in paranormal psychology but I think the verdict is still out.
    I do think this is possible as I have had many experiences with telepathic thought. Some say I am just highly perceptive, which may be true, but there are some that just cannot be explained, even with perception. I have often called people who I knew were thinking of me and surprised them. They say, “I was just thinking about you” and I say, “I know that’s why I called.”
    Not telekinesis, as is your question, but certainly on the same order. Just because humans don’t know how or cannot prove existence does not mean it doesn’t exist. Just means we can’t measure it yet. The world was flat 600 years ago. Now we know better.

  3. If so, then no one possessing such has stepped forward to successfully complete James Randi’s Million-Dollar-Challenge.

  4. Logical sciences do not recognize paranormal activity or religious beleifs of afterlives and magickal beginnings of mankind.

  5. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, one of the world’s most innovative biologists, has revolutionized scientific thinking with his vision of a living, developing universe with its own inherent memory. He first worked in developmental biology and is best known for his theory of Morphic Fields and Morphic Resonance. His latest book, “The Sense of Being Stared at” develops his concept of the extended mind. http://www.sheldrake.org/
    The Institute of Noetic Sciences http://www.noetic.org/ Explores the frontiers of consciousness to advance individual, social, and global transformation.
    I believe we are all psychic, but for the majority the gift or the belief has been long knocked out of them. Educated out is another way of looking at it. Many professional psychics have grown up in a psychic friendly environment. Perhaps a grand-parent or parent with the knowledge has helped bring the extra sense out in the open and encouraged its use. But there are as many practicing psychics who have not had the benefit of caring psychic guidance and who have still managed to develop and hone this natural extra sense.
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