Is there room for both Christianity and Wicca?





I am a Christian and strongly believe in God and Jesus, but lately have been very curious about Wicca. I’ve been kind of debating whether or not I should try a couple spells, mostly because it’s been engrained in my head that casting spells is evil. Is it possible to believe in both Christianity and Wicca?


  1. yes thats wut i do i’m a wicca and a christain also. and it depends if you want your spells 2 be evil. like if u do curses on ppl that can be evil. thetres good spells and bad spells.

  2. Yes it is. My friends, and me, are into Wicca, and they are still Christian. Though some have stopped being Christian, but there are still some that are still Christian.
    Wicca is not evil. We do NOT worship the devil, and there is only some spells that are negative. Such as love spells, they are kinda like black magic. But there are other spells that are posititve.

  3. First off, Wicca is a religion in itself.
    It is not the practice of magic– though many Wiccans do, this is not the heart of Wicca. NOt all Wiccans are Witches.
    Now, if you want to practice magic, that’s Witchcraft. There are Christian Witches who seem to marry the two just fine.
    As for Wicca, I don’t think it is compatible with Christianity.
    The concept of a savior or eternal reward/punishment is pretty contrary to Wicca, which espouses personal responsibility and continuous growth… the concept of 10 commandments doesn’t mesh well either. The concept of man being above nature is contradictory to Wiccan belief.
    It’d kind of be like being a Hindu Jew– not really possible, since Judaism teaches you can’t believe in other Gods, and Hinduism teaches that there are many Gods. Kinda clash.

  4. sure you can. magick doesn’t come from Satan, it comes from you. nothing evil about it, unless you choose to use it for evil.

  5. “spells” are not Wicca. Wicca is a religion. Christianity is a monotheistic religion. Wicca is a polytheistic religion. (No, we do not worship the earth as a god, we revere in nature as a gift from the gods, as a way to connect and communicate with the gods, etc.)
    There are other incompatible ideas between the two as well. Satan does not exist in Wicca, nor original sin, nor the need for “salvation”. Wicca stresses personal responsibility, accepting the consequences for your own actions and making amends to those you’ve wronged (i.e. if I’ve caused harm to another person, it is that person I must make amends with, not my gods.)
    As others have said, there are those that consider themselves Christian Wiccans and say they combine the two – but you will find that they are not truly practicing either religion.
    Spells are also not something you “try”. If you want to learn about spell casting, you don’t jump right in with “trying” a spell. You learn HOW to cast a spell. You learn the basic mechanics of magic, how it works and how it does not work.
    Yes, Christianity looks down upon witchcraft – but then again, the definition of witchcraft could mean a whole slew of different things and has so over time, so it would have to depend on what you believe the Bible’s definition of witchcraft is. (i.e. during some timer periods, a midwife would be considered a witch, and a massage therapist would be considered a witch, etc.)
    I’m curious, if you believe so strongly in God and Jesus, what you think you need spells for that prayers won’t suffice?

  6. Yes…Christian Wicca does excist…google, to each his or her own, the only difference is christians worship Jesus & god the Wiccans Many and Goddesses. Goddess Diana, Goddess of the Moon, for example, ect ect ect was renamed Mary “smiles”

  7. Wicca is not Witchcraft. Witchcraft is a practice, Wicca is a religion. If you want to study it, stay silent. Christians do NOT like this religion. Look it up and study. All you will find against it is that the power behind the spells and meditation is “demons and evil”. We don’t believe in demons or of Satan. It’s about worshiping the earth, God’s greatest creation. If you really want to, go ahead. I’ve heard of Christian Wiccans. Don’t be afraid.
    I actually love this site because it teaches a lot about it without meaning to. While the author is a Christian trying to tell the reader that the forces behind the magick are evil, as I said before, we don’t believe in evil. So the information besides that is useful: the joke is on him!

  8. Yeah, I know. I thought about doing it a while back as well. No, the two are incompatible, and I would not go down that path. The picture painted may be rosy, but in reality it is something else. A couple of friends wen into wicca, and, well, few come out. Do your research thoroughly,

  9. Wicca=/= Witchcraft
    Christianity and Wicca could go hand in hand if you respect nature, treat others with respect, and pretty much worship nature through god. That’s really all there is to Wicca, it’s not spells, it’s nature and different pagan gods of nature.

  10. Wicca is a religion. Christianity is a religion. It isn’t really possible to believe in both at the same time. Some Wiccans do manage to revere Christian deity forms in Wiccan format, but that’s not the same thing as being both Christian and Wiccan.
    Doing spells, however, is not Wicca – it’s witchcraft, and quite frankly, Christians have been doing folk magic for ages.

  11. Wicca isn’t about spells, it’s about honoring the gods.
    Christianity requires you to have no other gods. The two are incompatible. There are also other things like there is no concept of original sin in Wicca.
    Some people have tried to combine the two but you will always find that to do such a thing you can’t genuinely practice both faiths.

  12. I would tell you to look more into Wicca first. Wicca isn’t necessarily about doing spells. There are some Wiccans who don’t even practice magick. In short witchcraft=/=Wicca. The two can go hand in hand, but aren’t the same. If you’re pulled to Wicca, I have seen people who are Christian Wiccans- where they meld a form of both religions together. Some say it’s possible, others disagree. But, if you are going to go into Wicca, don’t do it just for magic. Remember, there Wicca is a religion. Witchcraft is not.

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