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Is there reincarnation? And if so, could many earthly years pass by before the soul enters another body?

And when is it decided that the soul goes to heaven/hell? Or are you constantly reincarnated?


  1. if a soul goes to hell then the soul will stay their for a certain umber of years to pay for itheir crimes and then they will be reincarnated but if a soul goes to heaven tthey will be able to chose when they go

  2. 1. Yes
    2. Yes. The soul does not instantly pass to another body, but waits until the proper one comes that will fill the spiritual needs of the soul.
    You see, before the soul can ‘move on to greater things’ it must learn many things. Spiritual lessons that can only be gained through experience, thus we are here to learn from our lives and those around us.
    3. When all spiritual lessons have been learned here, the soul moves on to the next stage of it’s journey toward ultimate completion.

  3. A very good question! First of all,I think that reincarnation kind of speaks ill of God. You see it’s hard for we humans to understand but God is the Ultimate. He is the Highest Being in our Universe. We have no reference point so it’s hard for us to understand. I want to say that if you believe in God you cannot believe in reincarnation. We die,we are judged,we go to Heaven or Hell and that is that. It is up to us to trust that God will control the destinies of the souls of the dead. He controls the when and the where. We have to have faith that He will handle everything!

  4. there maybe, many peeps believe this is so.
    But let me bounce an idea I am building upon for my own internal conjecture or intellectual arguements as such.
    Its widely accepted that people inherit alot of if not all of their physical features if not from their immediate parentage ( their mums and dads) definately from elsewhere in the family tree…hence kids will throw back to great uncles and the like in physical appearances etc.
    It is also widely accepted that certain mental , psychological, phychiatrical conditions and or even predispositions to IQ etc are passed on in this same genetic manner.
    Maybe in this manner also memories are actually passed on too praps and this is actually what is behind so many people thinking they have lived before…maybe.
    or maybe that have who am I to say not right.
    According to some cultures you are reincarnated until you reach enlightenment and this journey is varied for all so its when your enlightened.

  5. Reincarnation is real to those who believe. For all of us it is just another process of soul evolution whether we believe it or not. The soul can only enter into incarnation when the Universe that is all knowing find the moment to be for the best of the reincarnating soul. It may take 1 year, and some could take 50 years before reincarnation as maybe needed. However, time do not exist in the after life. It simply exist without being fixated to the mortal idea of existing. As such the concept of short or long duration of stay in Elysium is not in anyway important nor more important than Transcendence of the Soul.
    If you are born human then that means you have been evolving for quite many times, at that you discovered awareness of the self at that you are reincarnating to a better or worse of you than of the previous birth. I believe there is hell, and it is called Avici Hell, and I believe that one is not force to stay there and can only stay there when the soul refuse to heed repentance from his transgression. There by condemning himself to hell. When the time comes that he develops awareness he can go back and be reincarnated to continue his evolution.
    All souls that comes to awareness deserves transcendence at that even a murderer deserve such. All those who are aware can not say they are not aware, such awareness can not even be denied to them at that all those who heed is welcome, time is timeless and the Universe have it all and can wait until you decide on how many cycles of birth and death you want before you come to your senses.


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