Is there really such thing as "reincarnation" and if so, how does it work?







  1. Nobody knows. But the basic idea is that when you die your soul travels to another body, assumingly a newborn animal/person.

  2. I don’t believe in it. The concept of “Horcruxes” from Harry Potter sounds like it could be more plausible (not very plausible itself). The basics or reincarnation is that you live another life, as someone other physical body, and that your soul has been “reincarnated” to something else.

  3. There is no life after death. Therefore, concepts like heaven and hell, and reincarnation are null. We are only physical beings.

  4. Yeah its real. After this life(this is how it works) you can come back into the future where you will have a more advanced brain thus more harmony or you can come back on some planet where caveman is still going on, or anywhere in between.

  5. That’s like asking if there’s really an afterlife. All anybody can do is guess.
    The best I understand the belief is that you keep coming back until you get it right. And your karma from your current life carries over into your next life, so if you lead a miserable life of misfortune, it might mean you were a bad person in a past life, and now you’re being punished for it. Eventually, when you’ve burned off all your karma and essentially reached a stage where you can’t spiritually evolve any further, you merge with the spirit of the universe and don’t have to come back anymore.
    That’s my cursory-level knowledge. If someone else can explain it better, feel free to correct me.

  6. It is a common belief in many cultures, even Christianity. Depending on which philosophy, reincarnation, is basically another attempt gain or become closer to enlightenment. It is odd that the “Church” chose to ignore Jesus’ recognition of reincarnation when he stated that the prophet Elias had returned as John the Baptist ( Matthew 11:7-14 and 17:10-13).

  7. No, reincarnation is a tragic deception that stems from oriental paganism.
    The reason reincarnation can become such a temptation is because demons strongly suggest it ; for when a person believes in reincarnation, that belief becomes a gateway for demonic possession ; such a person yearns to acquire a new body and believes that such yearning is just and good. Demons who delight in taking control of our lives are thus vindicated to possess people animated with such favorable disposition towards what they think is reincarnation but is really possession of a second body at the detriment of its legitimate owner. Belief in reincarnation is just another shortcut to hell ; stay clear from it.

  8. Who knows? Has anyone came back to tell us either way? Maybe it does happen. Maybe we die and our memories of the past life is erased or blocked. So we can’t cheat in the next life. Maybe our intuitions are from those past experiences of right and wrong.
    Or maybe we don’t. Maybe this is a one stop shop. Then if so, I better get my sh** together! I don’t want to be standing there with oh sh** look while “it” is asking me why I didn’t do this or do that!
    I don’t believe that there is “nothing” when we die. If there is “nothing” meaning no reincarnation, no heaven or hell, then what’s the point of being good? Or having music, or getting married or not cheating. There is some kind of law out there, to punish us and to reward us.

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