Is there really positive/negative energy or it's just our perception of it that makes it such…?





I mean, when somebody gets angry for example, does he/she really generate energy with negative charge?!? Is it possible that this energy actually does some damage to me even If i’m just present in the room without interpreting it? Or is all energy neutral until we personalize it through our filters??! If all energy is neutral then whatever it happens we should be not be affected anyhow unless we are aware of someones actions, filter it and make it negative, if there is negative and positive energy indeed, even without filtering it we should be able to feel it somehow without even looking the person that generates it…like feeling bad when close to an angry person or feeling somehow good when close to a very happy person?!? How do you think?
Nowpower, so you do say there’s no such thing as positive/negative unless we say and believe so?


  1. please help me gain my postive energy back in my mind body and soul and body power back as i was used by black magic that drained my positive out my mind and i feel so scared please help me please…..

  2. Holy shit you guys have just saved my life! I was getting such an ego from thinking I was the only one who knew about this positive and negative energy that we seem to release from ourselves. Though the problem that I have been having is I can’t feel others engery I can only seem to give out, and just read their facial expressions to juge their emotions. Though I am on the journey to feel energy from other, and I think the only way I can do it is if I fully understand that the I have no control and that the universe is the only thing that has any control…. Also I have to fight my ego: thinging I’m special, control, and hate.

  3. i beleive so
    the last few times i have met with a very negative person
    i felt it, i knew it, before they even spoke or i spoke to them
    i know im picking up on soemthing that we dont ‘see’
    i beleive its the energy, that everything including us, emits
    not everyone can feel it, same as not evyerone can play piano,and not everyone can sing
    we all have our individual ‘talents’ in life

  4. The way those two terms are used to describe energy in “science” have nothing to do with “right” or “wrong…”
    We had to distinguish between “opposites” and “polarities” and “spin directions” and “magnetically charged energy fields” so we used those “already in use” words to mean something else as an attempt to convey microscopically tiny molecular properties…
    Our remote ancestors who first evolved the use of language, “created” words to not only describe actual “physical things” in nature, but they also created words to describe “feelings and emotions” and other non-physically real concepts.
    When an earthquake or tornado hits a town…it makes no distinction between good and bad people…
    The terms “positive” and “negative” are human-created words to describe concepts that only “we” created…
    A lower animal doesn’t have words to describe it’s internal feelings of pleasure or fear, hunger contentment.
    Also, in life as we all know, there are “gray areas” of life that seem to possess both “positive & negative” properties at the same time in the same place, so what do we call those nebulously and dichotomied siamese-twin situations?

  5. It’s far more simple than you think. Even dogs respond to emotions like that.
    You won’t be damaged by it unless you choose to dwell on it. That’s why it’s so extremely useful to notice your own thoughts. When one comes along that feels bad, inspect it for any useful information and then let it go. Do the same if a thought brings you pleasure. Thoughts are not you and they’re not reality. They’re just thoughts. They hardly have any reality at all unless you cling to them.
    A couple of months ago we hired someone new, and as they introduced her to me I thought “This person is in great suffering.”
    I found out a few days later that her mother had passed away the week before. I don’t claim to be psychic. Her face told me. We are attuned to a lot of information that we don’t notice ourselves observing.
    Most of our difficulties are the result of not paying attention.

  6. I’m not sure it works that way. As I understand it, negative emotion draws energy away from others, while positive emotion adds energy back to others. Think about how drained you feel when you spend time around a negative person, and how refreshed and upbeat you feel when you spend time around a positive person. It is also cyclical; the negative person draws and yet doesn;t gain, and everyone continues losing energy, but the positive gains, allowing them to give more, thus increasing the positive exponentially. I believe this is true regardless of your awareness of the person, though I feel the effect is strongest when the person is focused on/aware of you.

  7. Just for a moment, put aside the question whether it is positive or negative. What is interesting is that you are observing energy. Or is it that you are observing something not through a petty self nor identifying it as belonging to either yourself or the other person. This is very interesting observation and by watching the observation you are learning. The self steps in and makes judgements, comparisons, attachments, and starts the whole thing about conflict.

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