Is there REALLY any such thing as chakra and if so can u use it in Jutsu like on Naruto?






if so is it against god or satanic in any way at all???


  1. Well, NO. You can’t do jutsu’s or shiz like that at all.
    But if you become a monk or something, there is the spiritual-ness you get. I’d recommend meditating.

  2. No I HIGHLY doubt that there REALLY is any such thing as chakra and if so I also VERY HIGHLY doubt that you could use it in a jutsu like on Naruto. And if you could I believe it would be against god because it would be somewhat like witchcraft and magic and stuff like that which is actually all satanic believe it or not… Which is why I don’t watch Bleach or Naruto around my mom! lol

  3. Awww.. I wish there was, it would be so cool!
    Ive done some research on it and yes there is a thing called Chakra to do with your body but not like in Naruto.

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