Is there really an astral cord hooked to your body when your astral project / out of body experience?

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I have walked out of my body before since I was a small child. A hand full of times I have been able to leave my body and I have never seen a cord attached to my earthly body (shell). Why do they say there is a cord attached and how come I never saw one?


  1. Yes, many people say that there is a cord. It has a lot to do with the teachings of noted astral projector Sylvan Muldoon who wrote a book about it. It’s thought that it can’t break. But if it does, you may die…Or worse: wake up in Deleware.

  2. Usually this is recommended for people who are new to astral traveling the visualize so they aren’t as nervous about leaving their body. Some people are afraid of ” losing their soul” or getting ” stuck in another dimension”, so this cord gives them a sense of protection and a way out if they panic. I astral travel every time I dream and I have never seen a cord. Some of us are just more adept to astral travel than others…

  3. This is even mentioned in the Bible. Ecclesiastes 12 : 6-7 which begins, “Or ever the silver cord be loosed . . . then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return to God who gave it.”

  4. Yes there is the “Silver Strand”, visit the site below is in Portuguese, but I am Brazil, making a visit here. Axé of Umbanda to all, peace and light.

  5. Most people seem to think there is a silver cord that connects the astral body with the physical body. However I disagree. When I was a noob with all this & just starting out I thought the cord did exist, as I read about it on astral projection sites. However the more I learned the more I started to not believe in the cords existence, & I just thought of it as a metaphor that symbolizes the connection between the two bodies.
    I have never ever seen this cord once in my experiences. If it exists than maybe it’s invisible, who knows. I think it is perhaps just a metaphor though, & people have taken it literally. There is still a connection between your astral body & physical body, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a cord that connects the two. The cord may help with visualizations & make you feel safer but the actual existence of this cord in my opinion is ridiculous. I could be wrong but I do not at all believe in the cords existence.


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