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Is there Really a Sixth Sense?

Like i’m Really curious now. I did this quiz that was called ” What is your Sixth Sense ” and i got – Clairsentience -. Which means >>clairsentient
Feeling is your sixth sense. Called clairsentient (clear feeling), your inner voice is one that touches on your empathetic nature. What does this mean? Well, you’re probably the most emotional of your friends and you are very in touch with the feelings of others. As a clairsentient, you often know something is wrong because you experience an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach (or the opposite for good things). It might be that your friend has had a bad day–but hasn’t told anyone–and somehow you just know what’s going on. Often this type of intuitive knowledge cannot be explained. We bet you’ve got a bunch of friends, and who wouldn’t want a friend that just knows without being told…especially on those bad days. << And i thought about it and i usually do have a nervous feeling in my stomach sometimes. Weird. I was wondering is there really a sixth sense or is it just made up? Thank's a plenty!

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  1. different types of sixth sense so yes it is real.
    yours isn’t rare , but its not like everyone has it.
    and remember quiz’s aren’t always right. you could have it im not saying you don’t but i am saying there is a strong chance that it was wrong.

  2. While there is no ‘sixth sense’ in a purely biological sense (i.e there is no sixth sensing organ), you can be ‘intuitive’. Basically you read people better than others.
    Scientifically, this is actually based on fact. Everyone makes hundreds of minute, unconscious micro expressions throughout the day. Normally fairly invisible, these micro expressions are unconscious and give a key to what people are really thinking and feeling. Naturally intuitive people are better at picking up and interpreting these micro expressions, as well as reading body language.

  3. That was a loaded Question Believers are going to say yes and Skeptics will give a definite maybe probability is not, and a Non-believer will give you an absolute no.
    It is through our own experience that we usually make a decision on that, and that is why I will give you an answer of yes, we do all have the gift but not all feel it or are even aware of it, try and find literature on it, research it a bit, or a lot, and find out what you believe, and make up your own mind on it

  4. It is known as anomalous cognition as explained by Russel Targ and Ingo Swann who created the Star gate project now known as remote viewing.2 books on the subject,Reading the enemies mind by Paul H.Smith The real story behind the Star gate project.Another one is called Memoirs of a Blind Biker by Russel Targ.Most interesting reading.Another good research is http://www.learnrv.com

  5. We all have some sort of ESP, some are more sensitive in this area than others. It is a thing of the mind, not of the body as our other 5 senses are. In many ways, it is simply that some people can know and be guided by their intuition, their Inner Self more easily than others. We have talent in this area of the mind too, just like we might be talented physically, say with good balance, or strength or endurance or speed. Some people are clairsentient, other clairvoyant or empathic (that’s me) or even clairaudio. Clair means clear, it means you can sense or see or hear things more clearly and in a spiritual or non-physical way. Empathic means you can sense feelings very well and even feel what another is feeling. Clairsentience and empathy often go hand in hand.

  6. i think everybody got their own sixth sense. The question is either it is dormant or active. Sometimes we say we had a gut feeling over certain matter. That gut feeling is a type of sixth sense.

  7. I’m pretty sure it isn’t real, but not entirely. After all, there are probably trillions of things we don’t know about. Anyway, I think even if there are, online quizzes probably wouldn’t tell you the real thing.

  8. It definitely exists. I’m clairsentient, but I didn’t need the test to tell me. Clairsentients feel the emotions of others as well as the emotional energy in the air around them. I feel the pain of others, but I don’t just get an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach. That statement is false. I feel the pain as if it’s my own. I can walk into a room and know whose depressed or whose angry and usually get a hint about why. An example I’ve seen around YA somewhere: a person walks down the hallway of a hospital and passes a room where someone is getting their broken leg cast. A normal person can empathize what it feels like and imagine the pain. A clairsentient walks down the same hallway and upon passing (but not looking into) the same room, suddenly feels pain in their leg.
    but yeah..it really exists.

  9. There are many answers to questions that i may be wrong about. i don’t think there is a sixth sense but you are more focused and may use more of you brain to heighten those senses. That is my opinion,

  10. Hi!
    You can be sure that humans are providing of many sense over the five know ledges. Telepathy, clairsentient, telekinesis and others of that matters are including in the genetic memory of everyone, that it is not enough developing to each one at this time, due the race crossbreeding has made many human sense are missing. But from time to time some persons are born with some of that characteristics in their genetic memory information. You could be one of their.


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