Is there really a New World Order or Illuminati that has a one world government agenda?

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Is there really a secret organization of global elitists called the Illuminati or New World Order that has a one world government agenda and plans on exterminating 80% of the world’s population, creating a world prison?

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The U.S. Dollar will go up in flames within 2 years.

James P

no just the wild imaginings of the black helicopter crowd

Fail Whale



There are 3 of them, in competition.

§§pecial Unicorn™

Not sure, but there is a group of people at the U.N. who would like to see globalization. The Clintons are among those people who would like to see that. Whether that’s a “new world order” or “illuminati”, can’t say. But it is no secret that there are MANY who would like to see global governance.

Paul Hxyz

Only if you are delusional.

Culture Warrior

No. That is Ron Paul/Glenn Beck/Timothy McVeigh crazy talk

Melissa E

No, it is a lie! We do not exist in any way shape or form. 😉

Randy B

Sure there is. Haven’t you read all of the comments in Yahoo Answers about them all and how they are actually the ones deleting questions around here?
The exist only in the minds of those who get their thrills with baseless conspiracy theories.


There is a New World Order with a lot of people working for a one world government.
Many people claim that there is an Illuminati, in my research there was a group called the Illuminati at one time but they disbanded. Many claim that they are still around but I have not found any evidence of a group calling themselves the Illuminati.
There are global elitists who want a one world government. Bilderburg Group, CFR, Trilateral Commission and others. These are easy to look up on the web from credible sources.
Not sure the goal is to exterminate 80% of people. This claim comes from the Georgia Guidestones found in Elbert County, Georgia.
George H.W. Bush talks about New World Order
Bill Clinton talks about the New World Order
Barrack Obama talks about World Order in Russia.
MM Lee says China and India growth will result in new world order
Financial crisis reshapes world order
Georgia Guidestones
China Calls For Global Currency

Naruto Uzumaki 101

Well the illuminati is a secret group which has ties to the government because of the illuminati on the dollar bill which means the governments secret research lab is area 51. The govermment hides so much you don’t know were to start with it. Now the illuminati is located in Israel underground in the (maze of demons) told to bring bad luck and misfortune to the people that enter with out permission. So yes the illuminati is real and is still around too day.


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