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Is there reality beyond consciousness or is consciousness the reality?


  1. No, reality is not beyond consciousness (and I refer to the Superconscious state). However, you need to understand what are the types of consciousness before forming an opinion. It can be described as thus:
    a] Conscious mind – It is 10% of our mental faculties used and involves reasoning, observation, analyzing info received through the senses, and by its very nature it will be limited because it is only dealing with the created, the relative world of opposites (positive and negative, philosophically about right and wrong, etc.), and does not address the cause or more precisely, the First Cause which is the source of all that IS.
    b] Subconscious mind – involves the natural laws, of regulating our physical form in order to function optimally. It is 90% of our untapped source of innate wisdom, knowledge, and stored memories. It is also the source of inspiration and intuition, and it’s a great problem-solver! Before sleep try going over the details of a problem and just supply the facts to your subconscious mind, then sleep on it and in the morning you’ll come up with an answer because the subconscious never sleeps. ;- )
    c] Superconscious mind – This is the “Oversoul” where all Wisdom and Knowledge resides. In religion it is called the “Christ in you”. It is accessed through the portal of the subconscious. The words or names for this impersonal state of Spirit will vary from one culture to another but it is the same behind all – SPIRIT. “Behold the kingdom of God is within you.” We have yet to learn how to tap into this highest source of all-wisdom that is within and which represents mankind’s future development.
    The physical world we know of is more or less the “Grand Illusion” (or Maya) since it is everchangeful and temporary. The true “Reality” is a constant, Eternal and Infinite. All else is a creation of man’s mind, a concept, an idea of what man thinks Life is, but it is only an idea and not the Reality Itself.
    Hope this helps to explain it somewhat.

  2. How can anything ever be known as “being” without some kind of conscious perception of it? Still, it’s hard to imagine that there’s not a physical world and physical objects occurring, always, even when no one is looking.
    Since consciousness is real and could be said to be the only substance that exists with certainty; could it never not exist? Even when it’s not working through one of our minds, there must be an energy field of consciousness always, you could theorize. And so, this conscious energy which we perceive objects by, through individual minds, possibly is be an unstoppable, unending force, maintaining physical objects in place as a “reality” via the same observation process that we are aware of within our own perception….but in a process that is removed from our immediate, individual mind.
    This process could be compared to how I perceive things through my mind, but I’m not able to have the same personal control and awareness as when you are the perceiver. For you, a physical reality is happening through your mind, even though I’m not experiencing it exactly the same as you. The same abilities of consciousness could therefore be applied to the entire energy field of conscious energy, in much the same way, without “us”.

  3. I shall pose this thought: If you could exist and be living another life in another alternate world while you are sleeping in this one, could you conceive that this may be true for you but that you don’t remember the alternate reality and that you only recall that this existence is your “reality”?
    I find that naming reality dulls the ability to fully experience life.
    So, yes, there is always more to become conscious of…..in the ever expanding conscious awareness of this amazing, mystery filled, infinite universe.

  4. Beyond consciousness or within consciousness?
    One must become consciousness.
    That is how one will know.
    If one were to allow ones consciousness to naturally expand, inwardly and unadulterated, one would know!
    The answer can be found within ones own conscious awareness.
    This is precisely why one must travel within or travel inward.
    When one goes within one-self, one is not limited by time or space.
    “It’s definitely, an inside job.”
    Peace be always with you.

  5. The Lord God above is “Consciousness”. He is the “Reality” in all of life, visible or not. 😀
    Peace and Blessings

  6. Cosmic consciousness,or pure consciousness (Consciousness) is the reality. It is called “Brahman” in Hinduism. There is nothing beyond it;

  7. I enjoyed Adagio58’s answer. I believe something similar to what she stated. I study the Science of Mind, which is a spiritual philosophy created by Ernest Holmes.
    There is the conscious mind, which in humanity is the 10% we use, as stated by Adagio.
    There is the subconscious mind, which in humanity is the 90% that is unconscious to us, as Adagio stated above. However, in the Science of Mind, this is where we would say our “spiritually creative faculties” are. This is where we are “connected” with the Mind of God.
    Then there is the body, or the effect of the conscious mind directing the subconscious mind, creating our bodies, or our body of affairs, our life iow.
    Within Spirit, it is similar.
    It has a “conscious mind”, which is Its directive mind, it is Infinite Love.
    It has a “subconscious mind”, which is the infinite Law.
    And It also has a body, which is the Universe itself, and us as conscious centers within that body.
    In humanity, as within Spirit, it is in the subconscious mind where all of creation, (individually, and universally), comes from. It is the Law of our lives.
    So, this is how creation happens:
    A decision, or intent is formed in the Conscious Mind, (Love), which directs the Subconscious Mind to do the work of creating the intention, (Law), which forms as Body, or the thing that is created.
    That is what creation is: Love working through Law to create Form, or Body.
    So, is there reality beyond consciousness? No, as consciousness is infinite. So, consciousness is the Reality.
    Thanks for the question. 🙂
    Peace and Namaste!

  8. Beyond Consciousness, is Enlightenment, the greatest Reality.
    Consciousness is something you already have, but only in a very small proportion. It is just like an iceberg – one tenth is above water and the rest is under water. Just a little bit is conscious in you.
    I am saying something and you are listening to it; without consciousness it is not possible. Non-living things can’t listen, they don’t have consciousness. But we are aware only of a very small piece of consciousness.
    Meditation is the whole science of bringing more and more consciousness out of darkness.
    The only way is to be as conscious as possible twenty-four hours a day. Sitting, sit consciously, not like a mechanical robot; walking, walk consciously, alert to each movement; listening, listen more and more consciously, so that each word comes to you in its crystal clear purity, its definitiveness. While listening, be silent, so that your consciousness is not covered by thoughts.
    Just this moment, if you are silent and conscious you can hear small insects singing their song in the trees. The darkness is not empty, the night has its own song; but if you are full of thoughts then you cannot listen to the insects. This is just an example.
    If you become more and more silent, you may start listening to your own heartbeat, you may start listening to the flow of your own blood, because blood is continuously flowing all through your body. If you are conscious and silent, more and more clarity, creativity, intelligence, will be discovered. There are millions of geniuses who die without knowing that they were a genius. There are millions of people who don’t know why they have come, why they lived and why they are going.
    It happened… George Bernard Shaw was traveling from London to some other place in England. The ticket checker came and Bernard Shaw looked in all his pockets, opened his suitcase – he was perspiring – the ticket was missing.
    The ticket checker said, “I know you, everybody knows you, there is no need to be worried. You must have put it somewhere, don’t be so tense”. Bernard Shaw said, “Who is being tense about the ticket?” The ticket checker said, “Then why are you perspiring and looking so nervous?”
    He said, “The problem is that now the question arises of where I am going. It was written on the ticket. Now, are you going to tell me where I am going? Who is going to tell me?” The ticket checker said, “How can I tell you where you are going?”
    So Bernard Shaw said, “Then you should go and leave me alone. I have to find the ticket. It is a question of life and death. Where am I going? I must be going somewhere, because I have come to the station, purchased the ticket, entered the compartment. So one thing is certain, I must be going somewhere.”
    This is the situation most people never come to know – their consciousness is a hidden treasure. One does not know what it contains unless you awaken it, unless you bring it into light, unless you open all the doors and enter into your own being and find every nook and corner. Consciousness in its fullness will give you the idea of who you are, and will also give you the idea of what your destiny is, of where you are supposed to go, of what your capacities are. Are you hiding a poet in your heart, or a singer, or a dancer, or a mystic?
    Consciousness is something like light. Right now you are in deep darkness inside. When you close your eyes there is darkness and nothing else.
    One of the great philosophers of the West, C.E.M. Joad, was dying, and a friend, who was a disciple of George Gurdjieff, had come to see him. Joad asked the friend, “What do you go on doing with this strange fellow, George Gurdjieff? Why are you wasting your time? And not only you… I have heard that many people are wasting their time.”
    The friend laughed. He said, “It is strange that those few people who are with Gurdjieff think that the whole world is wasting its time, and you are thinking that we are wasting our time.” Joad said, “I don’t have much longer to live; otherwise I would have come and compared.”
    The friend said, “Even if you have only a few seconds more to live, it can be done here, now.” Joad agreed. The man said, “You close your eyes and just look inside, and then open your eyes and tell me what you find.”
    Joad closed his eyes, opened his eyes and said, “There is darkness and nothing else.” The friend laughed and he said, “It is not a time to laugh, because you are almost dying, but I have come at the right time. You said that you saw only darkness inside?” Joad said, “Of course.”
    And the man said, “You are such a great philosopher; you have written such beautiful books. Can’t you see the point, that there are two things – you and the darkness? Otherwise, who saw the darkness? Darkness cannot see itself – that much is certain – and darkness cannot report that there is only darkness.” Joad gave it consideration and he said, “My God, perhaps the people who are with Gurdjieff are not wasting their time. This is true, I have seen the darkness.”
    The friend said, “Our whole effort is to make this “I,” the witness, stronger and more crystallized, and to change the darkness into light. And both things happen simultaneously. As the witness becomes more and more centered, the darkness becomes less and less. When the witness comes to its full flowering, that is the lotus of consciousness – all darkness disappears.”
    We are here in a mystery school, doing nothing else than bringing more and more crystallization to our witness, to our consciousness; so that our inner being, our interiority, becomes a light, so full and overflowing that we can share it with others. To be in darkness is to be living at the minimum. And to be full of life is to live at the maximum.
    God Bless


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