is there proof of God working in the world?

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i was raised a christian, but appear to be going through a spiritual crisis… all my life i’ve heard amazing stories of God working in people’s lives doing kind acts, and showing nothing but love to everyone. why is it then so inconceivable that God would do something bad if he is all powerful.

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Johnny Y

No. There’s no evidence for God’s existence at all. All that kindness you see are kind people working for the happiness of others. GOD IS NOT NECESSARY FOR THAT.


HE DOES NO BAD THINGS…that is satan….He can save all willing hearts.

Apostle Jeff

The existence of Israel and the judgments that come upon those who try to divide her, including the USA.

Israel The Chosen

Are you eating everyday? He chastens those that he loves. Your sayimg that he didn’tLove his only begotten son that did no sin.
Rev 3:19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.
you can find the God of all people here www.

Pirate AMâ„¢

Nope, and even the attempts to stretch the evidence falls short.
The stories you hear are just that, or at best, people subjectively attributing natural events to a deity that doesn’t exist.

Jessica D

The only thing that is working in the world is the world itself, however diverse, random, totally messed up and absolutely amazing it may be.
Possibly the last part of your question is something you really should be asking yourself, logically speaking.


I am also wondering if there is a God. Only proof that I have is my grandmother and religion teacher allways told me there was a God.I have never seen God nor do I know anyone who has but I guess we shoul just live a “good” life and at the end see what happens.


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