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is there neway i could give my self a chakra healing at home wit out the full pro kits?

like iz there materials 2 tha point where i can “bootleg it” the healing at hm or not


  1. You will get all the details on any Reiki website.
    Chakras are energy points or paths, they need to be energised in a specific method. You will have to purify and tonify your whole self before starting with chakra meditation. After you get the hold on the subject then the healing method can be adopted.
    You can get a Reiki Grandmaster to do the chakra healing for you. It is easier and the best method of healing yourself.

  2. reiki is awesome for healing but good luck finding a grand master as they are few and inbetween. If you look at the usui form of reiki which was the original it didn’t have grand masters but if you were to take a class and become a level 1 practitioner you could balance yourself very easily. There are places on the net that say they will make you a reiki master for free but I wouldn’t recommend that. I took level 1 with Rev. Fran Brown, one of Takata’s first masters and then a couple of years later became a reiki master through a website online and the energy just was so chaotic and not very nice to deal with. I just recently took level 2 with Fran and it was like coming home. Very peacefull to work with. I would recommend attending a class. Fran’s website is http://www.reikifranbrown.com

  3. Not a new way but old ways U can use the services of a white witch or Reiki, or a Healing Pastor or even a Naturopath may help you. Also there are Yogi’s into chakra healing too!
    Some Indians do it too! I don’t think there needs to be a new way for chakra healing.. there’s plenty ways already.. sufficient! There are many masters
    and some grandmasters.. I myself am into the spiritualist kundalini and huna areas. Some people think I’m wrong about myself but they are wrong they don’t really know me!. Your chakra could tell you something your subconscious accepts that your conscious wasn’t ready to accept! Be sure your ready.. You should know if you’re ready! Pay attention to your feelings!

  4. If you are happy to purchase just 1 cd, or a book, buy Doreen Virtue’s Chakra cleansing CD. The book has the same title. It is quick and easy and totally relaxing. You might pick one up on ebay for cheap 😉


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