• There is more to being human than our eyes currently see, our ears currently hear, & we are currently conscious or aware of at this moment.
    Much is as yet unseen & unknown.
    More will be revealed!
    Many Blessings!

  • What more do you want? Isn’t that too much trouble already???

    If you go exploring extents of each of these senses and extra senses…you would need many many rebirths. Sure, we keep coming for more…again and again!

  • Yes.
    What you are describing is an animal, at present we still exist on the animal level.
    Being human has nothing to do with physical features, or even with the mind connected to our physical bodies.
    At the moment we do not differ from any other animal, as we also blindly execute everything our instincts and desires tell us. Our mind does not do anything else but serves our desires to find fulfillment.
    Being human means that we have the capability to elevate ourselves over our animal self, by stepping out of our selfish little bubble, and start perceiving reality through others, through the thoughts and desires of others.
    When we connect to others through unconditional giving and love, and build a single, united human creature as a result, that is when we achieve the human degree, and fulfill our potential.
    So we have the potential, but we have hard work ahead of us to fulfill it.
    I hope it helps, all the best.

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