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Is there language distinction in telepathy?

In other words, can a person who’s receiving telepathy tell what language the person is thinking in?
For instance, a person who normally thinks English is thinking “Tres bien” (French for “very good”). Does the person who receives that thought know it’s French if the person’s never heard those words before?
Any clues?


  1. I would say yes. cuz if i can think in a different language.. it would probably leave my brain in that same language. An alternate route that can be taken may be using telepathy to send picture images.

  2. Actually ,you do not speak to each other in words but:
    1)in feelings
    2)in images.
    3)not in a language,then this only works between people who speak the same language and that is not the case at all.
    4)What you feel are emotions:like panic,fear,happiness etc.
    greetings:Blue Avatar

  3. no..there is no such thing..telepathy has nothing to do with language..
    If we communicate via telepathy you’ll have the same idea as me…so there iz no USE of language in telepathy
    my opp


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