Is there hope? Can humanity survive the present spiritual and environmental crisis?

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yes there is..i think it can if it starts to acknowledge change has to occur,not to go backward but to go forward..


Read the last chapter of the Bible, the Revelations. This will tell you God’s view and answer to this and His answer is just fine with me………


not without belief

Donna M

Of course. If you look back in history, there have been environmental and spiritual crises all the time. I think we look at our situation today and think it’s the worst it’s ever been. During the Reformation, the Inquisition, the birth of Christianity, etc., there were all kinds of spiritual crises for Europeans. We’ve also had huge environmental crises, too… such as when big volcanoes erupted and sent so much ash into the air that the sun barely got through. About 200 years ago, there was a time called “The Year without a Summer” because the volcanic ash blocked out the sun. However, I do believe that with nuclear bombs, we have the capability to do more harm to the earth than at any other point in history. But even at that, meteors have struck the earth and done incredible harm to the environment. Scientists think a meteor hit the earth and killed off all the dinosaurs.


Oh boy, I really don’t know. With the spiritual crisis, the problem is truly a lack of respect for other people’s beliefs. Just look at how people answer this question. Your hardline Christians are going to tell you that all will be well once people open their eyes and accept Jesus as their Lord. Atheists will say all will be well once the nation can actively separate church and state and marginalize the conflicting religious movements. These sorts of views put people at CLEAR odds with one another and makes communication impossible.
I think the only answer is tolerance. People who believe in the Bible need to understand a lot of people don’t, so to go in public and say “God says this and God says that” is seriously, seriously offensive. Ask how you’d feel if some politician supported women wearing berkhas because “Allah said so.” And those who aren’t religious shouldn’t go around telling the religious people how full of it they are, either. Religion belongs in the home and in the church, not on top of a soap box out in the streets. If everyone could just let each family decide their own morality and each state decide what stance to take on the issues that divide the nation, I think that would be a great start. But I’m not sure how much faith I have in human tolerance. I think people have unlimited capacity to view themselves as right and others as wrong when it comes to beliefs, and I think that’s our downfall.
As far as the environment goes, I do have some hope. We’re seeing the nation begin to take alternative energy sources more seriously with the rising cost of fuel, and I think once those technologies are firmly developed, they can be exported to the developing nations where the real environmental crisis is going to stem from. (picture every Chinese family owning two cars!) And if the environmental crisis does get out of hand, I think it will solve itself, but unfortunately at the cost of many lives. That’s what happens when any species exceeds the biotic capacity of its ecosystem.
I think these challenges will really put mankind to the test, but if we survive, I think we’ll come out a far more advanced species then we started off as. The question is, will we be able to adjust our ways of thinking and living, or will we collectively butt our heads against the wall and cause our own downfall. If we can’t coexist with ourselves and the environment, then we’re not worthy of prevailing on earth.
But regardless of your faith, don’t ever believe that God will save us… this is our world, and its fate is solely in our hands.
That’s my take on it.


Not if we don’t change as a whole. Unfortunatly, most people have a hard time with change.
we are DOOMED….DOOMED…. and soilent green is made out of PEOPLE….
sorry, tangent there. But, the top portion I do believe we are going to have trouble with.


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