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Is there anyway to learn telekinesis quickly without meditation and stuff like that?

DONT BOTHER ANSWERING IF YOU SAY NO OR A DUMB ANSWER LIKE TELEKINESIS SUCKS. I jknow how I just dont wanna spend all that time to learn how to move a rock without touching it. Is there a way you can learn telekinesis immediatly?!? Again don’t bother answering if you wanna be an a–hole and discuss something else, please

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  1. Actually no, you have to learn it. And if you don’t like to meditate try 30 sec breathing exercises before performing concentration. You have to start imagining the object moving over and over again until your sub-conscious mind finally gets it. Unlike the astral plane, matter in the physical plane is more condensed and takes more thought energy or concentration. Thought controls Emotions, Emotion is energy- in- motion, when you move energy (kinetic energy), you create effect. The more relaxed the more energy and concentration you have. It in average takes up to six months to move a small piece of paper. Keep trying and trying, and eventually you will see results, their really is no immediate way only by chance usually

  2. Just go straight into it, you will have as much success moving a rock with your mind as some one that has spent 20 years practising it.

  3. Unfortunately, there can’t be a positive answer to that question. The reason is because to date nobody has been able to demonstrate that they have the ability, let alone that others can learn it. Sure, there are magic tricks and such that some might claim to be evidence of PK, but nobody has ever succeeded in moving a rock with psychokinesis under controlled conditions (conditions where cheating, coincidence or other effects can be effectively ruled out).
    There’s no harm in trying, but I wouldn’t spend too much time on it.

  4. You have to be born with the gene in the first place.Its one of the hardest psychic abilities to learn.Try telepathy.Its easyer.

  5. The only superpower you can learn quickly is flying.Be careful though,no one has been able to master landing safely.

  6. Just so long as you are fully aware that no-one, ever, anywhere, has been able to demonstarte any telekinetic abilites.
    It would be fun, of course, but it would also violate several fundamental laws of physics.
    So, given the above, you have sufficient information to decide for yourself.

  7. yeah, learning telekinesis is very easy and requires no meditation, although some practice is recommended before you try to show it off to your friends.
    I saw a guy making things float up into the air and I bought a kit from him for $40.
    There is this string that is invisible in indoor lighting. The rig the string up so you can pull it with one hand. The string wraps through your shirt, and over the top of your hand. With a goey substance you stick the end of the string to a light object. A penny, a bottle cap, a peice of paper…..
    You can make the object appear to fly in the air and control it with your other hand.
    Its quite a good illusion, but it doesnt work in sunlight. It works best at night time, in bars, indoor buildings with florescent lighting……The string wont show up at all.
    The primary key to telekinesis is to realize that its an illusion, and that all the meditation won’t give you the ability.

  8. I seriously doubt it. If you were meant to learn it immediately, you’d already have it, you know?? I’ve found that most things like this need to learned and worked at/with for a while, and how fast you pick it up depends on how much of a natural instinct it is to you.
    Don’t get discouraged though. I mean, if you can’t do it right away, don’t just toss out the idea. You only set yourself up for a fall that way. I’m a firm believer in positive thinking. 🙂

  9. Quickly is a relative term. It took me about 2 years of practice and meditation. And I lost the skill a short period after I stopped training. And I was never able to move anything larger than a 3 inch square piece of paper balanced on a needle (15 feet away from me.)
    Altogether is was mostly a waste of 2 years.

  10. Im sick of those comments saying it’s impossible. I’ve experienced it as a result of a meditation session,or, more specifically, a kundalini awakening/ chakra meditation, where I channeled energy through 9 chakras. Believe me or not (I don’t expect you to believe me 100 percent), but find out for yourself before you discredit or credit. The experience is unexplainable to someone who hasn’t experienced it.

    • My advice is to work on meditation, chakras, third eye, then psychic abilities. However, if you meditate on your third eye daily, and your other chakras as well, it should come naturally. Don’t focus on the psychic. Focus on your breathing and enter the void. From there, it’s self explanatory.

    • I like to believe there is more to this world than what we can see. We can only see and sense one millionth of what is truely apart of reality. Telekinesis is in that relm, so I don’t dismiss things. Some people just can tap into things that others can’t. They say truth is stranger than fiction. I believe in that.


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