Is there anyway to become clairvoyant if u weren't born with it?





if so how?
no stupid answers plz
also wat does parapsychology mean? im not sure if this is the right place to put the question in.
and by clairvoyant i mean being able to see spirits and peoples lightbodies and chakras and stuff


  1. It’s not that only some people are born with it. It’s that some people are born with it more developed than others. Yes you can open yourself up to it. It’s not really that you learn how to do it, it is a function of your soul, which has Divine wisdom. You just have to tap into your higher self and bring it to the forefront.
    Sometimes simply reading up on such subjects slowly opens you up for the experience.
    This is a great course book that can help you to open yourself up:
    Using Oracle cards on a daily basis helps too.

  2. Parapsychology is a pseudoscience that’s trying its darndest to appear legitimate. The ability to “see spirits and peoples lightbodies and chakras and stuff” is not well-supported by any scientific literature. They are the stuff of fiction. So no, there is no way to become clairvoyant, nor to be born that way.

  3. In order to develop a skill that skill must be defined and demonstrable. As of yet no one has been able to demonstrate clairvoyance, therefore anyone who tells you how to practice it is speaking abstractly and theoretically rather than practically.

  4. Everyone was born with the mechanism and anyone can develop it (short of people with serious DNA damage). HOW? Everything from mediatation to deep dreaming can trigger it.

  5. Those who claim to be clairvoyant are most probably either deluded or frauds. Not only is there no good evidence for such powers, you would have to overturn science and invoke new fundamental laws of physics to explain them.
    There is also no evidence beyond anecdotal for spirits, “lightbodies” or chakras.
    So you can’t be born with it. You either fool yourself or you learn the tricks of the trade.
    Parapsychology is a pseudoscience. From Wiki:
    “The status of parapsychology as a science has also been disputed. Many scientists regard the discipline as pseudoscience because parapsychologists continue investigation although no one has demonstrated conclusive evidence of psychic abilities in more than a century of research.”

  6. Don’t ask a stupid question and you will not receive a stupid answer.
    The U.S. National Research Council concluded in 1988 that:
    “The committee finds no scientific justification from research conducted over a period of 130 years, for the existence of parapsychological phenomena. In the committee’s view, the best scientific evidence does not justify the conclusion that ESP??that is, gathering information about objects or thoughts without the intervention of known sensory mechanisms??exists. Nor does scientific evidence offer support for the existence of psychokinesis??that is, the influence of thoughts upon objects without the intervention of known physical processes.”
    There you go. 130 years and they have never proven it.

  7. No, there is no evidence clairvoyance exists.
    It’s fine that you posted the question in this section. The mythology and folklore section might get answers more to your liking.

  8. Parapsychology is a is a branch of science that investigates paranormal phenomenon. So, this was the appropriate section to post your question.
    Although some people may be more perceptive than others, there is no scientific evidence that supports to existence of clairvoyance.

  9. Absolutely!
    I don’t think anyone is born clairvoyant. It’s something you have to learn. The key is to just pretend. Fake it. It helps if you are delusional enough to believe yourself. That’s what everyone else does

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