• Succubus/Incubi are real but I’m not sure why anyone would desire to be one.

    They were made for intimate personal activity. It’s all they think of. It’s all they do, hopelessly addicted like a drug addict on crack steroids.

    One might think it would be a wonderful existence given the activity, but also consider the crack addict.

    Comparing to crack, the drug also seems to be desirous with it’s euphoric effects. Then you come down and you have to smoke another one. Your life revolves around it and nothing else matters. You’re willing to do almost anything to secure a steady source.
    The crack addict cares about nothing except their drug. It’s their “Life”.

    Succubus/Incubi is very similar to that analogy.

    Also consider thier social stigma. Very few choose to accept their activity because of folklore myth. They often go great lengths of time before finding a person willing to accept them.

    I have personal experience with this type of being, see my reference link below.

  • First you’d have to be an angel, then you’d have to fall from heaven to become a demon. Not a terribly practical course of action.

  • They’re creatures of hell. You don’t become one but you could try summoning one. If webcomics are correct you need flan as a catalyst.

  • Succubi don’t exist so there’s no way to become one. Your best bet is to put on a slutty costume for halloween.

  • Considering that a Succubus/Incubus is a demon, that is to say: not of this corporeal world…you might consider that any method will likely include freeing yourself of your body on a permanent basis, ie death.

    Beyond that, start looking into how to make pacts.

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