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Is there anything voodoo you can tell me, or Black magic?

Hello please don’t answer if your going to do it meanly. Alright I want to get revenge on this guy have the voodoo doll. I need spells and how to make it actually happen. also If you knows any spells I’d love to know them. Please and thank you! 😀
First off to you ignorent people who are asnwering this I am not Christian I don’t believe in ANYTHING and No Its not I want revenge PLEASE don’t awsner if your going to do it rudely! >:(


  1. wow you’re pathetic. why would you wanna hurt anyone?
    EDIT:I’m not ignorant, I just care about lives. you hurting someone is uncalled for

  2. I’m going off the ball and say you’re a christian. Now I’m going to say that voodoo is a type of ritual medicine-men perform, so it’s a tribal ritual, so good luck finding everything you need for it. and lastly, Black Magic is spiritual satanism mostly. So you must convert over, devote your life to Father Satan, and then open your third eye and train your chakras.

    • Not true about dark magick. There is no such thing magick is magick it’s the would who wields it that US good or dark. Magick is the manipulation of energy it does what it’s told. Second the so called devil never existed till the churches rise. When they murdered innocent people just to justify their actions and place blame so followers of the church don’t have to take responsibility for their acts.

  3. Revenge spells are tricky because they usually end up taking something from you as well, sort of like payment for taking something from someone else. they usually end BADLY. if he really did something bad to you, he will get his in the end but to knowingly curse someone is bad and a misuse of majick. Dark majicks are like drugs, they feed off of your energy until they have taken everything from you and leave you hollow if they leave you alive at all. they are self-destructive and will consume you. not trying to chide you, but you should be careful when dealing with something like this. remember the 3-fold rule.

  4. The only way for you to obtain the ‘real’ thing best beloved is if you were initiated into the pantheon. We rarely use them, contrary to popular belief.

  5. You want to get revenge but it’s not that you want to get revenge?
    Oh god it’s like Barney the Dinosaur’s been at the weed.

  6. just like the vast majority of the world, you have a complete misconception of what voodoo actually is!
    those “voodoo dolls” that act as means for harm and revenge, are NOT from voodoo, they’re from a totally different form of “witchcraft”. Voodoo does involve dolls, but they are different from the ones people generally think of, and are used as healing items. applying pressure etc to various parts of these dolls is supposed to HEAL, not harm! Voodoo is actually a very peaceful and uplifting faith. (i don’t practice it, or any kind of “spells” – but i know about it.) Voodoo being classed with Black Magic is the result of many many years of discrimination and belittlement from other faiths in attempts to be rid of it.
    the concept of using dolls to cause harm to specific body parts/people, comes from a completely different religion/concept.
    So basically, if you wanted to get revenge using one of those dolls, you wouldn’t get very far… lol

  7. I’m not going to repeat what others have said, but just so you know that’s not real Vodun.
    Anyways if you want your magic to work, instead of begging for spells online try composing your own, create your own ritual. You don’t really need any magic tools or particular incantations. What you really need is a frame of mind, everything else is just trappings to help you get into that state of mind and to focus your will.
    Now you can use that doll if you want, incorporate that into your ritual. You can also use whatever else you think is relevant. If you want to use angry music in the background or burn pictures of the person, go ahead. The idea here would be to invoke your anger, which is a powerful emotion, and use it to your advantage.

  8. To inform there is one type if people in voodoo who do use it to harm and do what some call dark magick. They are known as Bokors. Second here’s a crossing spell carve the name of your oppressor into a black image candle and anoint it upside down with revenge oil. Say psalms 55 over the candle nine times while it burns. Throw remains in a cemetery.
    Revenge oil
    -red pepper
    -ground ivy root
    Add equal amounts of each to 2 ounces of mineral oil base


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