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Is there anything spiritual about being a vampire?

For a while I thought I could be a newly awakened psi or sang vamp. I don’t know about psi because I am always feeling tired as hell due to stress but really energetic at night. I thought sang because blood excites me. I’ve tasted my own blood and really liked it. It was a good experience. So I don’t know.
I’m wondering if there are other types of vamps out there. I’m wondering about a lot of things and thought it would be nice to talk to someone knowledgeable on the topic, due to the fact that they are a vampire.
Is there something spiritual about it? Maybe after death we can refuse to leave our bodies and thus stay in them or take over someone elses so we can still be human and live off of energy from blood or something? I don’t know. Just thoughts.
Note: No I am not a Twilight fan I am being serious so it would help if you were serious too.


  1. If blood makes your sight and hearing and other senses go up a notch you may have a deep down link to god knows what.
    Their are people who drink peoples blood but i think with Aids and other problems this has become less common.
    Do the basic tests.
    holy water.

  2. The idea of eating psi-energy or what have you persists because of the power of the placebo effect. Most people brush it aside because they think the placebo effect means nothing’s happening at all, but it’s real and surprisingly powerful. It’s responsible for every magical so-called cure for anything you’ve ever heard of.
    Drinking blood is dangerous and stupid. There’s nothing you need in human blood you can’t either get from normal foods or produce on your own.

  3. I had to see everyone giving you such foolish answers. Non-metaphysical individuals will always respond this way, it’s better to go to forums run by real vamps (psi and sang) for responsible answers.
    While there are some people trying trying to capitalize on so-called vampire religions, there are no true vampiric religions. You should look at true living human vampirism as a metaphysical condition. Many often compare it to diabetes: true vampires can not make adequate amounts of prana or chi or life force energy for their own body much like diabetics can not make enough insulin. You don’t see diabetics worshiping their insulin or treating their physical disorder as a spirituality, do you?
    If you do practice a spiritual path that requires energy manipulation, then being a vampire usually makes that part come to you more easily and naturally.

  4. try finding some vampires to talk to that might help you
    o and disagree with Lucifer all that stuff about vampires isn’t real (well im not shure about holy water)


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