Home Discussion Forum Is there anything really like twin telepathy?

Is there anything really like twin telepathy?

What u think….Is there anything like twin telepathy..i really want to know


  1. I think so. My son and I seem to have some telepathatic abilities. One time, I was dreaming about someone coming to the door, and my son woke up at the same time as me and said “mama, who’s at the door?” We have had a number of occurences like this.

  2. absolutely. Take the example of twin sisters Emma and Erna Watkins. Emma took a shower and Erna suddenly got clean. Hmmmm

  3. I think there is.IT might not be telepathy but it’s this feeling that your brother or sister completes u.U were brought together in life.Even subconciously u care that much that u may feel what your twin feels in a way, u worry and u have haunches just the right time.I don’t know how to explain it.I think it’s true.I have two parents doctors and I am more like a scientist believer but in this case I don’t know what scientists say about it and I really want to believe that there’s nothing to be explained.It’s the connection of twins,this special connection.

  4. This might be “like” it. I’m a twin and my sister and I share medical issues sometimes–things that aren’t genetically determined. They are always on the opposite side. We’re “mirror image” twins, one left handed, one right handed, etc.. We now life 300 miles apart so we often don’t know that the other is having a similar problem until its been going on a while.
    One time I had a cyst on my right wrist and I happened to mention it to her and it turned out she had one on her left wrist. We were both thinking of having ours removed. The strange part was, a few weeks later, mine disappeared on its own (not unusual for cysts). When I was talking to her after this I mentioned that I didn’t have my cyst removed because it went away. It turned out that she did have hers taken out and only after that did mine go away. So I thanked her for the savings on my medical.
    This is just one of the series of oddities in our lives. Pretty kooky but, normal for me.


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