Is there anything I can do to attract the attention of a succubus?

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I need to be visited by a succubus. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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That would be very stupid, he aint going to be nice and have sex with you, you will be raped and maybe beaten. Don’t mess with the devil.


Search the phone book for a good psychologist.

Belial! Say it 3 times!

I keep telling you dude, succubi are surprisingly picky about the dudes they chose to possess and have their way with. Demon females are as repelled by desperation as human females are, which means you’re out of luck. Your best chance for supernatural sex is still to be the girlfriend of an incubus. If you want it to happen, pray to Belial and say his name 3 times. Unfortunately Belial can’t help you with succubi. They don’t obey Belial’s orders. They’re stuck up that way.
Edit: I’m not feeling the love here people.


i love you… but the correct pronunciation is suckybutt… you need to attract the attention of a suckybutt…

Blake Taylor

You setting him up brother? lol this thing is older than moses crap and you want to try to catch this thing? I know what your up to. Ok try this.
Wave your dikk around and say ” succubus succubus where art thou succubus. Heres my pennnisss” then you wave your winky around helicopter style. and do 10 jumping jacks. LOL
Im JJ but i dont think that you can call him over.


You will need unicorn blood first….


I see you are asking this same question again.
I am so looking forward to the day when you come back in here begging for our help to get rid of the succubus after you find out it is trying to kill you.
When this happens, I am going to LAUGH MY A– OFF AT YOU when no one helps you.
You are such an idiot. I hope the succubus takes you to h— with her.


They’re in the yellow pages under Escorts.


BELIAL BELIAL BELIAL had the best answer. you sound like a desperate loser who only wants to get laid. if no human girls will date you, what makes you think a demon succubus would be all hot for you? you’ve got to have something to offer the demon for her to try and manipulate you, just like real women. you’re best off living alone and sad till you fade away forgotten.


Coat your penis with coconut oil and spray your pubes with fruity fragrances.

Dynamic Fetch

Get a red chalk and draw a large male symbol on the ground. Sit in the center of the circle, facing the protruding arrow. Before you, have lit a tall red votive candle, annointed with cinnamon oil and honey. Bring yourself to an orgasm, and with your emissions, inscribe an inverted pentacle on your forehead. Scatter honeysuckle flowers over yourself then speak this spell.
By the forces of heaven and hell,
Draw to me this woman fell.
Render to me her foul desire
Unite us like moth to fire.


Hookers are surprisingly safer.


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