Is there anyone willing to read my Tarot?

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I do read tarot myself, but I find it difficult to read myself. Would anyone be willing to read my tarot? I would love you to email my answer. But dont forget to leave an answer to this so I can pick my best answer.
I have one question- What are some future events that might be coming up in my life.
Thanks for anyone that answers. I promise to pick a best answer. I am also kinda hoping to make a friend out of this. Thanks again.

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no you shld avoid that…just like witchcraft to God.


go to
This question has nothing to do with religion nor is it spiritual so therefore is in the wrong section.
If I’m not mistaken astrology tells the future.

Amethyst Moon

Sure I am a Psychic and use Tarot/Oracle etc with my gifts to heal guide and inform others I’ll be happy to pull cards for you email me off list 🙂



Run Squad

Your future has in store good things for you.
You will discover God in deeper ways than ever before. So deep, in fact, that you will convert to become more holy. You will pray daily; you will love God and you will recognize just how much He loves you — that is, to the farthest extend a human can possibly recognize His love.
This all I hope for you, yet I make no definite promises.
For it is like school: You get out of it what you put into it.
God bless, and may fortune come your way!

Rev. Lynn D.

Wow, what a great reading I received for you:
You have been doing a lot of inner processing and you are breaking away from things that have been holding you back. Out of the struggle you experienced, comes a new beginning.
You will accomplish everything you have set out to do, so continue to think positive thoughts. This is the rainbow at the end of the storm. Do everything in moderation.
Your health is and will be good.
Strong father energy in your life that helps to guide you. You are beginning a new life cycle and there will be new and exciting opportunities and choices. Don’t be afraid to try something new if it feels right to you
You will attend a group activity or party and will meet new friends.
I see a marriage card so if you are not already married, spirit is saying that you will have marriage in the future.
Best Wishes,


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