Is there anyone who studies Parapsychology professionally?

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If there is, would you grant me the honor in speaking with me over email, explaining what it is that you do and what you did to get there?
Thank you.

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You might try writing to the Parapsychological Association (link below).
The website includes a list of some of it’s members education and publications of their research. I would suggest you write to any of them individually if you are interested in their research.

Nice Guy

One of the steps to understanding how little is thought of parapsychology is trying to find a place to study it.
There virtually is none, not that you can depend on on to be honest, that is.
There is no place where psychics and astral travelers and the like go to educate others on their art. Sure, you can buy books or take courses but all you’ll study are anecdotes on how things you can’t see demonstrated are done.


I’m not sure what you mean by studying parapsychology professionally, but if you mean are there professional people out there (such as academics) who make parapsychology one of their main areas of study, then yes, there are many. In Europe there are three professors at the University of Northampton, two or three at the University of Edinburgh, and a half-dozen or so at universities and foundations in Germany, and another half dozen in France. In the US there are a couple at the University of Arizona, one at the University of Colorado, a couple at the University of California at Irvine, at least one at Cornell University, a small group at the University of Washington, one at the University of Michigan, and numerous others at various colleges and universities around the country that I’m not recalling at the moment. There are also a several PhD level researchers at the Institute of Noetic Sciences in California and the Rhine Institute in North Carolina. To find out about the subject (and get some insight into what parapsychologists study), I recommend you read Dean Radin’s two books, “The Conscious Universe” and “Entangled Minds,” and Dr. Richard Broughton’s book “Parapsychology: The Controversial Science.”


Do you think its ok to transmit spirit energy into the chakras of an unenlightened person?

In hopes of scaring the crap out of them and making them question their beliefs and role in the universe.

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