Is there anyone out there willing to help me with a spiritual "crisis"?(Christian)?

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I’m a nondenominational Christian. I really need someone to talk to who can give me some spiritual advice about some serious issues, as I’m considering having to give up the faith even though I love Jesus… if there’s anyone out there, please message me asap! 🙁
I don’t know where else to turn

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Reese L


Isabella's Mommy

email me… I will talk to you!!!
Dont give up – that is letting the Devil get his way!! 🙂

Alex D

why exactly are you giving up your faith???

Jesus was wrong!

And what is so bad about leaving Christianity? I did it.


I don’t have IM (work computer…blocked)…but I’d be happy to email back and forth if that works for you!
EDIT: Ohhhh cool…I just discovered the beta version of the Web based Yahoo Messenger…no download required so it does work. User name dr_loveland…I’m on now.


Why do you love Jesus but want to walk away from Christianity? If you are having a crisis with christianity, perhaps you should consider speaking to a rabbi.

just a christian

my mail is open
ephesians6:10-18…full armor of god to help in your strugles

anttttonio Sin ofensas

If you’re considering giving up the faith, that means satan is working on you and wants you back. Don’t let him trick you into leaving our Lord. You can e-mail me (whatever denomination you are) through my profile.
To Him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory for ever and ever. Jesus Christ is Lord.


I am here if you want to talk

Jeff (weseye) Wesley

You should be able to contact any church in your locale for help. Be careful of any exchange of information via the internet. There are too many predators.

Online Counseling
Counseling is a new way to consult a therapist. For a variety of reasons, many people prefer to work with a therapist who can provide them a faith-based psychological approach. Today you can do this by email, private instant message, video-conferencing or by telephone. Distance, busy schedules, difficulty with traveling to the therapist’s office, are only a few of the reasons given for using online counseling.


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