Is there anyone out there who is good with healing and energy?

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by Virtue:

In both healing your self and others.

Answer by rosenmdn
You are in the wrong place. The people here are famous for using their energy destructively.

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No one on earth can heal. Only God can heal, but I’m sure there are people who God uses to do His healings.

Printninja Overlord of the AM

The body heals itself (medicine can aid the process), and energy comes from the food you consume. Any other notions are patently absurd.

Pangel - against bigotry

I work with healing a lot yes


You could contact a Voodoo priest (those are the “good guys.” They are often confused with “Hoodoo” which is malicious and cruel).


Yes. Jesus, through Bible.

heather of the fields

I know someone who is…if you email me, I’ll give you her number.

S'aint Toad

Benny Hinn heals people on TV. He calls upon God, then hits the person in the forehead. The person falls over than climbs back to his/her feet, fully restored. It’s a miracle.


I’m both a Christian and EFT(adv) certified. Emotional Freedom Technique. It works like nothing else I’ve studied to rebalance energy systems, collapse negative emotions and move us past barriers. I don’t give EFT the same place at the table as my relationship with Christ, but you can’t deny what EFT does which is pretty amazing.
Put EFT Gary Craig in search line and get smart about it. Easy to learn, takes some time to master, but well worth it.


I believe we all have the power to heal ourselves and others by prayer and meditation– basically by focusing our energy and having faith. So, in that case, you have the power to heal 🙂


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