I am trying to find someone who has had these experiences. I have a 13 year old who is experiencing these things. He also hears the “spirits”. His father died when he was 6, that is when I believe it started happening. He has never claimed to see his father though. I am very concerned about him. It really scares him. It scares him so bad he won’t hardly talk about it to me. I would like to hear from someone who has had these experiences who does not have a mental health problem. I am hoping that this is not a sign of something more serious. And how do I know if it is or not? I don’t want to scare him even more. I asked this question once before, and someone suggested talking on a forum to others who have experienced these things. Where do I go to do that?


  • it may be your own fear that is transmitting to your child, most children take things like this quite naturally without getting upset especially when the person they are seeing or hearing is a loved one.

    he is old enough to be concerned about how you might respond if he mentions something is going on which is beyond the physical, i always recommend a sit down chat where you bring up the possibility of other worldly things and even how lovely it would be to know your husband was around.

    see how he responds, if he is having experiences of a spiritual nature he is quite likely to feel relieved to be able to tell you. kids like this tend to feel different and trying to ignore it can create larger problems. you cannot scare him with support and love, so i am not sure what your fear is exactly.

    a book may be the way to offer information that can help you to appropriate action. doreen virtue has a number of books on the subject you may like this one called indigo, crystal and raibow children. the beauty of this book is it gives you insight into how special your child is so you are not scared.


  • The other people that made fun of this need to grow up. I dont believe in ghosts, but i belive in jinns. Many people i know have seen them and also my parents. I have heard whispering when im about ot fall asleep, but i rekon it was just my imagination. My cuzn was once alone at home, and something slapped him awake. His fan would turn on by itself, and he would hear laughing coming from his wardrobe. When he would chek there was nothing there nor anyone in the house. He couldnt fall asleep until morning. There has been similar stories and all but the best thing is to solve it religously. Im a muslim and there are ways to deal with Jinns in Islam. But you can deal with him with your own means.

  • I can see auras if I concentrate, but that’s something that you can easily train your eye to do and very young children do naturally. Here’s a site if you want to: http://www.thiaoouba.com/seeau.htm .

    As for hearing spirits… I’m not sure. I’d say those are astral parasites, but I honestly don’t know. It could be a sign, but my advice is to avoid medication if at all possible – because if your child truly is psychic, it might destroy him. It’s important that you talk to him.

    The suggestion of a forum was good, but y!a is really not the place. A forum that deals specifically with magick, occultism and/or psyonics might be a better choice – because there /will/ be people there who have genuine experience in this, unlike here.

    Good luck and best wishes.

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