Home Discussion Forum Is there anyone out there that practices "Scrying?"?

Is there anyone out there that practices "Scrying?"?

Scrying is looking in mirrors, or glass, or any surface that reflects objects. You stare in it and see things. Tell me what you see. Ghosts?A movie that shows the past events or maybe the future?
Whatever, I ‘d like to know.


  1. into another person’s eyes, or mine own…
    into the darkness of mind…
    you see what you see… it doesn’t matter what… discrimination is the main important tool.
    a main problem with scrying is that it tends to be fixation… it has its dangers just as many other things do.

  2. I love scrying into water at night. It’s so relaxing.
    How I see things varies. But most often I see a series of images. Studying the images can help with things like finding answers to problems you have. It helps tear down the psychological blocks that make it hard to think when your stressed.

  3. A mystic does not need tools; they only need to close their eyes, and allow the mind to wander.
    The stuff you see may be past events, future events, or things at a distant location.
    If you want to start scrying; I can get you into it cheap,
    Paint an aluminum pan black (the pan a pie comes in will do just as well) and fill the black pan with water.
    Start looking into the water and allow your mind to drift, and you will begin to see things.
    After you have gotten to this level, try to see things by closing your eyes.
    When you can do this throw the pan away, and you do not need other tools.

  4. First I see my face which slowly becomes distorted and clouds over. Then eventually a new form takes place. It’s usually an answer to a question I’ve had in my mind expressed in some kind of metaphor. Magic Mirrors can also be scryed in Evocations to contact other entities.

  5. Sometimes I see things that are to be….sometimes I see things that are…sometimes I see only that which was….not always at my bidding and not always as I would want to…but ALWAYS as is necessary at the time, whether I know it then or not….

  6. I’ve not had that much sucess with scrying, it takes quite a lot of practice and mental focus. i prefer to use the tarot and other forms of divination.

  7. hey R….howzitgoing? things here r good.Scrying for me requires a piece of something belonging or an image of whut I need to find…I once told a group of bikers where to find theyre friend who was missing cos her ole man got pinched…I saw her sitting in a car with blood evrywhere but she was alive…..i told them of a gate and woods…but they had NO idea where that could be..the next day she showed up with cuts ALL over her arms bcos she wanted to die but chikkened out….(i promised to help her next time,that was ten yrs ago in licking county)but she cried about where she’d been and she was where I saw her….only,I use the power of picturing the items that r lost …


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