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is there anyone out there that can say a prayer or mantra for me regarding my parents that are in a cult(jw)?

by ~testube Jebus~:

i want them to see what they truly believe is brainwashing and very self destructive. they raised me in it for 18 years. very hardcore! they let NOTHING slip. they follow thier man made rules to the letter and forced me to fake believe it myself. i left thier house 7 years ago and i cant shake it. it is like a demon that haunts me and i am callous towards them and i know i shouldnt be but i can honestly say that i have never learned ONE heart felt valuable lesson FROM THEM. they always pointed me to the religion to find the answers they are either too scared to say or ignorrant. im….sorry. just many years of pain. i want them to leave but i know i cant make thier decisions for them. besides my own prayers, can anyone send a healing energy thier way to STOP THIER SELF DESTRUCTION! ………………………… )O( VIX
JW stands for jehovahs witnesses

Answer by Moiraes Fate
You can’t make their choices for them and nothing you do is going to help. They need to realize it themselves. You might like to consider lessening your contact with them if they are upsetting you this much.


  1. You haven’t said what religion you consider a cult. You will have to rephase your question and give me enough information before I can decide if you are correct in the feelings you have about your parents religion.

  2. If they have been in the JW cult that long they may never leave, you can only accept their fate and get on with your own life, it won’t be easy but there are those out there that can help you good luck.

  3. You are not saying which cult this is? So things are more in your hands. Find the areas in the Bible that contradict their beliefs. And show them. Prove it. But since you don’t say which cult it is I can’t pray as you ask, for I would not know what I was really praying for,

  4. if you were raised in it you yourself should know they gor by the bible your mad because they dont support your worldlyways,read the bible it teaching are from it not man made. shame on you sham sham,ill pray for you to find your way back,and you only have one set of parents!!!!!!!!!


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