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is there anyone here who has been involved in, or believes in psychic and medium experiences?

im just curius. Ive watched all those shows, and i know that most of them are crap but sometimes strange things happen…


  1. I kinda know one personally, but he doesn’t tell people because people think he’s lying or he’s crazy. Everyone has the ability though.

  2. yes i have a cloud figure went around me and i didnt no wat it was and my grandma sees my great grandfather so yes

  3. Witchcraft is as real as anything else, but that doesn’t mean that it’s right. Just like a psychic can tell you exactly what you’re thinking and get “vibes”, but those vibes don’t come from any good spirit. A psychic has direct connections with the devil and that’s how they get their information. Some people think it’s cool, but it’s very dangerous and I would highly suggest avoiding it.

  4. Are these things for real, yes. Are they good…I don’t think so.
    As a Christian I believe that Jesus was tempted. He couldn’t have been tempted if the power wasn’t something that could have been given to him.

  5. I believe in those psychics and stuff because in my religion, we belive that once you sell your soul to the devil, he is able to tell you things and do things that others would belive impossible, like magicians and psycic tellers.

  6. All my life. I don’t try to convince anyone of any of it, because these types of things are best realized when experienced personally.
    I think its pretty pompous for people to deny the existence of what they don’t understand.
    There’s a lot of “crap” in all fields, you just have to get your “crap detector” working!
    Peace. Now.

  7. i think i saw a ghost when i was around 9.
    so i was lying in bed one night and i sat up. i looked at my closet, and saw it open, and a completely white women come out, covered in robes, holding a completely white baby. they didn’t have eyes or noses, only small dark mouths. she came up close to me, i looked at her for about 10 seconds. her mouth moved but i couldn’t hear anything. then i lyed back down and fell asleep.
    it was the strangest thing that ever happened to me, and i still don’t know if it was real or just a dream. this is the only thing that contradicts my atheistic point of view.

  8. oh, yeah. my mom is psychic but not as a career or anything.
    just little stuff, like the time dad was at a party. she was taking a nap and dreamed dad was invited a party and when he got home he WAS invited at the EXACT same time she had the dream. and once she dreamed a gas truck or something exploded in a tunnel and she saw it on the news an hour later.
    Sometimes I can read peoples minds at random, but not when i’m trying to. Once in math class i thought i heard my cell phone (which was at home) and I was the only one who heard it. when i got home i had one missed call.
    and my friends claims she can talk to the dead at random times. I have known her for almost nine years and i believe her.

  9. Yup, I have been to them and they do exist. To the point that I don’t want to see the ones that I know are truly psychic. Dang, bad news is bad enough once. If you are leading a pollyanna type life, it would be different.
    A psychic I’ll call Martin, his name was not Martin, was so good that I used to have get togethers at my or other people’s homes so they could have a reading. He and my mother became best friends. I, myself, didn’t care for him on a personal level. Most psychics I have met have a strong belief in God (yes, they can). They have to in order to stay sane and grounded. I don’t think Martin did. He only believed in himself. Everyone spoiled him and he could get childish. He’d walk into his office 4 hours late and no one would say a word. He’d mumble he had a taste for a ham sandwich and 4 people would immediately go and get him a ham sandwich-and be happy to do so.
    Imagine being so good at what you do that you could take the fears of the person you were “reading”, and in a fit of anger/chidishness tell them a lie that would wound that person deeply. Later on, when he was in a better mood-he’d then tell you the truth-but not before putting you thru hell. Because of his gift, he was forgiven.
    Business men used to being their books to him, their strategies, etc. He made millions for them. The man was good at what he did.
    This all happened about 30 years ago. It ended badly cause, of course, he knew I didn’t care for him as a human being. The final night he was at my home he was so obnoxious that he was openly rude to me. I had just made him money and he made a big mistake being openly hostile to me. My night broke up early and my mother was ready to drive him home. Martin went to everyone and begged that someone else drive him home cause he knew that my mother was going to be in a car accident. Unfortunately, even though the group would normally do whatever he wanted, they all refused. The standard statement was, “you came with Dena, you leave with Dena (my mother)”.
    Taking the expressway home, a car came out of nowhere and rammed into the back of my mother’s car. The caprice was hit so hard that the back wheel ended up in the back seat and broke Martin’s arm. Martin was sitting in the front seat and had his arm draped on the back of the seat. He was the only one harmed. Surprisingly, the police couldn’t figure out what happened, because the damage on the other car must have been so great (lost their radiator etc) that they don’t know how the other car could drive very far and have gotten away.
    Which leads to another scientific fact-what goes around comes around
    Yuppers, psychics exist. I simply prefer the ones that read your palms and tell you you’ll live forever and will meet a tall, dark and wealthy man. That’s all I want to hear.


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