Home Discussion Forum Is there anyone here who can communicate through TELEPATHY and if yes,...

Is there anyone here who can communicate through TELEPATHY and if yes, can you teach me or give me tips?

please, I would really appreciate it if you could give me tips on how to communicate through telepathy.
or tell me how you learned. was it something you were born with or something you developed? does it run in your family?
hammy h you are sick! i only want real answers!
only serious answers please!


  1. Yes- im sending you your answer right now. Please prepare to recieve.
    Im sorry i dont mean to be smart but i just could not resist the bait.

  2. There are some really good books that can teach you how to tap into your telepathic side. I read one called “secrets of the mind” and it was amazing, so powerful and inspiring to read. You should amazon that one.

  3. I believe people learn that at home, like they learn esp among their own family. It’s like an extra sense when you know something is happening with a family member. It is said that you can strengthen that thru meditation, but I suggest you get some good books on the subject. I don’t know that telepathy is “communicating to” someone else, but I think telepathy is being able to “read” someone else.

  4. I think telepathy is very rare and you cannot really learn it or use it at will. A good relationship with a person or people might help you communicate through telepathy. I think I have use telepathy twice in my life. I’ve found that concentrating hard on the message you are sending doesn’t work, but if the reciever is concentrating hard on you it might work. It doesn’t run in families.


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