Is There Anybody That Can Help Me With My Book Of Shadows?





It would be greatly appreciated.
Like my other two questions I have asked I am new to it and I want to do it right


  1. Since you are just starting out, Amber has an excellent suggestion. Until about 6 or7 years ago, i kept my BoS in a binder, But I got paranoid once in awhile and notebooks are bulky & hard to hide.
    6 0r 7 years ago I disccovered “Jump Drives”! So I transfered my note to the Jump.
    Your BoS should be a journal of successes and failures, what rituals you perform and why, and what magic works or not(speciulate why), I have found that putting things on a Jump Drive is not only convenient, but tends to be quite inconspicous among my other Jump Drives,
    One thing you need to keep in mind is that no one is perfect, so don’t expect your BoS to be
    Your BoS is a tool for learning.

  2. Journals on Herbalism, Healing, Animal calling, Spells/Prayers, etc., have been around since humankind learned to store words and ideas on a surface. That such Journals are now spoken of as “Book of Shadows” is quite modern.
    The best opening to your own Journal of the Lore is “I have begun to Seek and this shall be my thoughts words and deeds to assure myself that I will never lose sight of the paths I choose.” You may at some point join a group or Circle and their beliefs and protocol may be added–even if you would join a Christian or other Church your “Book of Shadows can continure with you….though Christians will squirm a bit and sometimes ask you to destroy it.

  3. 1. a book of shadows is like a journal. You record all the spells you work with, rituals you have worked on and how they have worked for you.
    2. I still think that if you do your own spells they work better, because you are putting YOUR energy into it.
    3. Remember the rede and you can put a “protection” spell in there for your book. I know there is a basic book “How to write your book of shadows” (Not sure about the exact title nor the author’s name, and I no longer have the copy to refer to) which might help.
    Blessed Be!

  4. Your Book of Shadows, is yours, or the people in your coven. There is no wrong way to write in it. It is suppose to be used to right down your experiences, spells, and incantations so that if these same things happen again or someone after you encounter the same problem there is a written record to help those people along.
    Think of it as a Journal where you write down your experiences both good and bad.
    Hope this helps you.

  5. As someone just starting out, it would be a good idea to get a 3 ringed binder and dividers so you can move things around as you develop yourself and the book. Once you are comfortable with how things are arranged (some take years) then you can get a bound blank book and start converting things over to it. The trick is to realize there is no wrong or right way and it is more or less a collection of experiences, experiments, dreams and whatever else that you can divide and sub-divide as you see fit.

  6. Just do what everybody else in Wicca does. Make up a bunch of bullshit. There isn’t a single copy of the Book of Shadows that predates G. Gardner? Strange, ain’t it so?
    Gardner wanted a religion that would be “fun and Nature based” and instead it’s evolved into a fanaticism rivaling Christianity and taken so dead serioulsy that you’d think the Wiccan God and Goddess were murderous tyranical monsters like Jehovah ready to chuck you into eternal hellfire for making a mistake.
    Here is a spell for you which supposedly gets rid of warts.
    “Hey stupid toady,
    Get out of my roady.
    I don’t want your warts.
    Take ’em back. Fool ‘for I have to bust something…”
    But don’t blame me or the Goddess if it doesn’t work the first time you try it.

  7. Okay, just realize this. Any magic you do should NEVER be done out of spite or ill will. Meaning never do anything that will affect another’s free will (even if you think its for the better for that person) or cast anything that will harm someone. The threefold rule, what you put out you get back thrice is what you need to keep in mind.
    Also, make sure any magic you do you give credit to the Higher Power and not to yourself. Its not something to be overused nor should it be something to give you “bragging rights”. You need to have an honest, clear conscience and pure heart to really do any magic. I might be called “fluffy” for saying this but its in your best interest.
    Otherwise, it doesn’t matter HOW you go about doing your magic or what’s said, be creative, almost like writing poems, something short, sweet, and easy to remember. And I highly recommend NOT sharing your book of shadows with anyone you don’t know well. It’s something to be kept to yourself.

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