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Is there anybody around today of the same caliber as Gurdjieff, Ramana Maharshi, Meher Baba, or Osho Rajneesh?

These men have inspired me very much. They seem to have realized a state of being or consciousness beyond our comprehension. Does anybody know of anyone alive today who also seems to be such a being?

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  1. The Dalai Lama is an incredible being.
    I get that Gurdjieff feeling, just reading his books.
    I know there are some very enlightened human beings alive right now. Ram Dass is pretty cool. And you know the former Pope, he was pretty cool in his own Popey way.
    Have you ever read / listened to Krishnamurti ? He belongs in your list.

  2. I don’t think gurus are of any relevance really. It’s better to think for yourself. Also, you’re talking about the kind of people who have 27 Rolls Royces and if no-one’s around today with that calibre, it’s probably just as well.

  3. Yes millions! There are people who wear fancy clothes, talk oddly and sit with their eyes half closed – perhaps not fully seeing our world. Others- the millions- go about trying to be good human beings. I follow those millions. Give it a try yourself.


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